31 05, 2022

Willson Cuaca

2022-10-14T19:21:10+07:0031 May, 2022|

Willson Cuaca is the Founding Partner at East Ventures, the most active venture capital firm in Southeast Asia. Willson manages both the Seed and Growth funds at East Ventures, which has invested in 250+ tech companies across Southeast Asia, with a central focus in Indonesia, the largest archipelago in the world. Under Willson’s leadership, East [...]

31 05, 2022

Batara Eto

2022-10-10T14:19:04+07:0031 May, 2022|

Previously, Batara Eto co-founded Mixi and brought the company public in Japan. He was responsible for creating Mixi in December 2003, and he served as Chief Technology Officer of Mixi until 2008. He started his investment career by co-founding East Ventures and made their first investment in 2010. Batara holds bachelor degree in Computer Science [...]

31 05, 2022

Taiga Matsuyama

2022-10-25T14:59:01+07:0031 May, 2022|

During his studies at Waseda University, Taiga Matsuyama worked for Members and helped launch Yahoo Japan. After graduating, Taiga joined Accenture as a consultant. Taiga then co-founded eGroups in Japan while he was also the board member of NetAge, one of the first Japanese internet incubators. He left the incubator scene and continued his success [...]

31 05, 2022

Roderick Purwana

2022-11-24T14:37:10+07:0031 May, 2022|

Roderick Purwana is Managing Partner at East Ventures. Roderick is an active investor with a diverse background of working in operations and investments in the VC and PE industry. Previously worked in Silicon Valley, currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Roderick received his M.S from Standford University and his B.S from Cornell University. He was listed [...]

31 05, 2022

Koh Wai Kit

2022-10-14T20:15:57+07:0031 May, 2022|

Koh Wai Kit is the Managing Partner at East Ventures. He brings over a decade of investment experiences, a vast network, and expertise to the East Ventures team. As a founding member of Pavilion Capital, a Temasek subsidiary focused on Asia private equity and venture capital, he spearheaded the fund investments in China, Japan, Korea, [...]

13 05, 2022

Takeshi Kaneko

2022-08-08T10:25:28+07:0013 May, 2022|

Takeshi Kaneko is Managing Partner of East Ventures in Japan. His main roles are the maintenance of portfolio companies and fund operation. He loves startup products and finance. Prior to East Ventures, he worked at major VC firm JAFCO in Tokyo, Japan.

31 05, 2022

Shinichiro Hori

2022-08-08T10:26:21+07:0031 May, 2022|

Before starting East Ventures Growth Fund with Willson and Roderick,“Shin"ichiro joined Yahoo Japan Corporation (now under Z Holdings) and YJ Capital (now Z Venture Capital) in April 2013. He had served as COO of YJ Capital since January 2015, and concurrently serves as CEO since November 2016. Prior to Yahoo, Shin was General Director of [...]

31 05, 2022

Melisa Irene

2022-10-10T14:30:08+07:0031 May, 2022|

Melisa Irene is Partner at the firm with responsibility of providing support coordination for deals and portfolio companies. She graduated from Binus International University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Accounting degree with a track record in debate championship and business competition. She sits on several boards for portfolio companies in Indonesia, serves as AMVESINDO [...]

31 05, 2022

David Audy

2022-10-10T14:14:02+07:0031 May, 2022|

David is currently the Operating Partner at East Ventures. His role is to work together with tech founders and team in managing various aspects of their business and value creation. He has 19 years experience in various industry, from e-commerce to media and content, with multiple C-Level positions. Among his notable experiences are CEO of [...]

31 05, 2022

Avina Sugiarto

2022-10-10T14:33:09+07:0031 May, 2022|

Avina Sugiarto is a Partner at East Ventures. She has over 12 years of experience in investing across alternative assets including venture capital, private equity, private credit, and special situations across industries from technology, property, logistics, to financial services and consumers. Prior to joining East Ventures, Avina was a Senior Vice President at an asset [...]