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About East Ventures

East Ventures is a pioneering and leading sector-agnostic venture capital firm. Founded in 2009, East Ventures has transformed into a holistic platform that provides multi-stage investment, from Seed to Growth stage investments, for over 300 tech companies across Southeast Asia. We also have business operations in Japan.

East Ventures is committed to achieving sustainable development and bringing positive impacts to society through its initiatives and ESG-embedded practices.

Our Investment Philosophy

We have a unique method to assess and decide to invest in potential startups. The firm used the “3P” – People, Product, and Potential Market – to assess the potential investment. However, we realize that “2P” – People and Potential Market – are enough in helping us to evaluate the investment.


We believe that good founders have three core traits: integrity, high-level self-awareness and paradoxical trait.

Potential Market

We always ask the founders about the potential market size and the target of a reasonable market they want to see.

For growth-stage investments, we focus on traction.
The philosophy has carried East Ventures to be a fast decision maker in dealing with investments. The deals can be done within 24-48 hours.

Our journey

For over a decade, East Ventures’ journey has been brimmed with exceptional milestones coming from both its internal and external ecosystem.

Our team

Meet the people behind East Ventures, a team full of passionate and bright-minded people who are eager to create impacts, coming from Indonesia, Singapore and Japan.

Partner’s perspectives

Thoughts and opinions from East Ventures’ partners on the venture capital, startup industry, and tech scene.

Send Your Pitch

We are always looking for exceptional founders to join our ecosystem. Submit your pitch for review here.