Genomics: Leapfrogging into
the Indonesian healthcare future

White paper

White paper 2023

Unravelling Indonesia’s genomics opportunity to upgrade the nation’s healthcare infrastructure. While a lot is yet to achieve, Indonesia is on the right track to unlocking the massive potential of economic benefits.

Indonesia’s healthcare infrastructure

needs an upgrade to avoid peril in the future;

genomics can be the ideal solution.

Genomics is the study of the genome, which is the complete set of genetic information present in an organism. This includes the sequencing and analysis of the DNA, as well as the study of genetic variation and inheritance.

“The state of healthcare in Indonesia today still lags behind its peers in terms of healthcare expenditure and life expectancy. This is where the field of genomics and precision medicine comes into play, offering a transformative approach to diagnosing and treating patients that takes into account the unique genetic makeup of each individual. This white paper represents a major step forward in our quest to revolutionize the healthcare industry in Indonesia and beyond.”

Budi Gunadi Sadikin
Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia

“We believe this technology will be instrumental in improving Indonesia’s diagnosis, treatment, and medication of significant diseases. East Ventures will double down on our investment in this sector, as we believe that genomics is leading us to a previously unimaginable frontier – an adaptive and proactive healthcare system.”

Willson Cuaca
Co-Founder & Managing Partner at East Ventures

Genomics applications in the healthcare system

Genomics testing can identify genetic markers associated with certain diseases, allowing for earlier and more accurate diagnoses.

Predictive Medicine
Identifying genetic markers associated with disease risk can help predict which individuals may be more likely to develop certain diseases, allowing for earlier intervention and prevention.

Gene Therapy
Genomics enables the identification of specific errors encoded in our DNA which enables us to design strategies to correct them.

Cancer Treatment
By studying the genetic makeup of cancer cells, researchers can identify specific mutations and targeted therapies that can more effectively treat cancer

Drug Development
By studying the genetic makeup of diseases, researchers can identify new targets for drug development, which can lead to the creation of more effective and specific treatments.

Personalized Medicine
Doctors can tailor treatments and therapies to their specific needs by studying an individual’s genetic makeup, leading to effective and efficient care.

“Genomics can assist in multiple ways by identifying how local populations are best served by different types of medications and nutrition, down to the individual level. At the population level, genomics research can be used as a resource for government policy when it comes to implementing safe and effective medication guidelines.”

Levana Sani
Co-Founder of Nalagenetics

Why genomics – and why now?

Indonesia’s population is expected to age rapidly and potentially create a burden on the healthcare infrastructure

The country needs meaningful infrastructure upgrades

80% of deaths from noncommunicable diseases are due to five major diseases which can be prevented by precision medicine

Genomics can be an alternative to help tackle the existing healthcare problems faced by Indonesia

The government’s policy on genomics would be key to its success

Four key pillars for the Indonesia government to focus on genomics

East Ventures’ portfolio highlights

East Ventures believes in the importance of channeling support for the healthcare sector. Along our journey, we have invested in these portfolio companies focusing on biotechnology innovations.


Founded in 2016, Nalagenetics provides genetic testing services. The company partners with healthcare providers, laboratories, and patients to provide personalized medications, diet, and screening solutions


Founded in 2019, Nusantics is a company that provides genomics technology solutions to analyze microbiome profiles. The company undertakes genomics and molecular diagnostics to understand the impact of microbes on human health.

Support towards the Indonesian healthcare future

Roderick Purwana (Managing Partner of East Ventures), Budi Gunadi Sadikin (Minister of Health), and Hong Tjhin (Chairman of Eka Tjipta Foundation)

Biomedical & Genome Science Initiative (BGSi)

BGSi is the first national initiative program created by the Minister of Health, Budi Gunadi Sadikin, to develop a more accurate treatment for society through the use of technology to collect genetic information (genome) from humans and pathogens such as viruses and bacteria or can be called the whole genome sequencing (WGS).

Health Innovation Sprint Accelerator 2023 in collaboration with East Ventures

This incubation program for healthcare startups and innovators is aimed to advance healthcare quality through innovation in healthtech and biotech in Indonesia. Interested applicants can apply to get opportunities to pitch ideas and innovative products to the Government, Healthcare Industry Players, and Academics Community.

East Ventures is committed to supporting future healthcare-related research and initiatives, and leveraging the potent opportunities of the healthcare sector.

Watch the launch of the white paper on 16 February 2023