East Ventures 2021 recap: 80+ deals made across SEA’s fastest growing sectors, aiming for sector diversification in 2022

Welcoming the new year of 2022, East Ventures is taking this opportunity to look back and reflect on the year 2021. Just like the rest of the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has also severely impacted our ecosystem—not only Indonesia, but it also took a heavy toll on Singapore and other SEA countries as well.

East Ventures di 2021: 80+ deal di berbagai sektor unggul di Asia Tenggara rampung, mengincar diversifikasi sektor di tahun 2022

Menyambut tahun 2022, East Ventures mengambil kesempatan ini untuk melihat kembali dan merefleksikan tahun 2021. Sama seperti di seluruh dunia, pandemi COVID-19 juga memberikan dampak yang sangat besar pada ekosistem kami—tidak hanya di Indonesia, namun juga Singapura dan negara-negara Asia Tenggara lainnya.

EV Growth Expanded its Team with Major Hires

EV Growth Expanded its Team with Major Hires 6 January 2021 EV Growth, a joint venture between East Ventures, SMDV, and Yahoo! Japan Capital focused on providing growth capital to startups in Indonesia and the rest of Southeast Asia, welcomed David Fernando Audy as Operating Partner. David has over 18 years of executive experience in the media and content industry. He was the CEO of PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk (MNCN IJ), a publicly listed leading media conglomerate in Indonesia, and was a Director of PT Global Mediacom Tbk (BMTR IJ), also a publicly listed [...]

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Indonesian logistics tech startup Waresix closes US$100 million fundraising

Indonesian logistics tech startup Waresix closes c.US$100 million fundraising 10 September 2020 JAKARTA — Waresix, Indonesia's leading logistics tech startup, today announced that it has concluded its Series B fundraising, and over the last year raised c.US$100 million from existing investors EV Growth and Jungle Ventures, and new investors, including SoftBank Ventures Asia, EMTEK Group, Pavilion Capital and Redbadge Pacific. Waresix is the leading logistics tech startup in Indonesia in the trucking and warehousing segments. Trucking services, which form the majority of Waresix’s business, is focused on first-mile and mid-mile intercity shipments. Waresix’s deep operational [...]

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