Reinventing Indonesia’s supply chain through digital collaboration

Have you ever experienced a lost package when you shop online? Or did your package ever take too much time to arrive at your doorstep when you needed it most? Though serving as the backbone of Indonesia’s economy, the logistics industry still has several flaws. Particularly, inefficiencies in the logistics sector in the country with over 17,000 islands are due to unconnected national supply chain information. This creates a dynamic yet challenging distribution flow.

Exploring Southeast Asia’s logistics horizon

The ongoing problem of high logistics costs has affected the world since COVID-19 began, and Southeast Asia hasn't been spared. The steep expenditure is driven by several factors, such as supply and demand disruptions, geopolitical and economic uncertainty, compounded by surging inflation, and amongst others.

Startups as a catalyst for digital economy’s growth: Brian Marshal, Founder & CEO of SIRCLO

We see that the growth of e-commerce is still going well since customers are constantly shifting to online transactions. The pandemic helped accelerate this growth. The second thing is what we commonly refer to as the ‘tech winter’, particularly in e-commerce, where it is closely related to investment allocations that really affected e-commerce’s aggressiveness of marketing and promotion initiatives.

Synergy in East Ventures’ ecosystem: SIRCLO acquires Warung Pintar

Major congratulations to SIRCLO and Warung Pintar! Being the early-backer of both companies, East Ventures is beyond proud and excited to see SIRCLO which has acquired Warung Pintar. The acquisition is a concrete testament to their shared mission in accelerating Indonesia’s digital transformation.

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East Ventures 2021 recap: 80+ deals made across SEA’s fastest growing sectors, aiming for sector diversification in 2022

Welcoming the new year of 2022, East Ventures is taking this opportunity to look back and reflect on the year 2021. Just like the rest of the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has also severely impacted our ecosystem—not only Indonesia, but it also took a heavy toll on Singapore and other SEA countries as well.

East Ventures di 2021: 80+ deal di berbagai sektor unggul di Asia Tenggara rampung, mengincar diversifikasi sektor di tahun 2022

Menyambut tahun 2022, East Ventures mengambil kesempatan ini untuk melihat kembali dan merefleksikan tahun 2021. Sama seperti di seluruh dunia, pandemi COVID-19 juga memberikan dampak yang sangat besar pada ekosistem kami—tidak hanya di Indonesia, namun juga Singapura dan negara-negara Asia Tenggara lainnya.