Hideo Natsume



Hideo joined East Ventures in 2020. Prior to his current position as a venture capitalist, he was a researcher/program coordinator at a governmental agency, under the Ministry of Education in Japan. His focus area will be EdTech and Entertainment, and he is an education enthusiast.
Besides his work as a venture capitalist, he contributes articles on Chinese startups and the latest tech trends to Japanese media such as Nikkei, Shinchosha, based on his 19 years of life experiences in China. He is also the author of “清華大生が見た 最先端社会、中国のリアル (Contemporary China Through the Eyes of Japanese Youth: Technology, Education and Culture)” (CrossMedia Publishing).
Hideo received a dual bachelor’s degree in Law and Business Management, master’s degree in Public Policy at Tsinghua University (Beijing).

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