Building the ecosystem of gender equality for the sustainable future

East Ventures, a pioneering and leading sector-agnostic venture capital firm in Indonesia, has again presented its signature women-centered forum: Women with Impact Forum, as part of the celebration of International Women’s Day on 8 March 2022. This virtual forum discussed “Women as Active Agents for Sustainable Development” with five key speakers from different industries, such as venture capital, tech startups, and social enterprises.

17 March, 2022|East Ventures, Insights, From Portfolios|

The role of fintech in closing the financial gap in Indonesia

In recent years, Indonesia's digital financial services have experienced a boom as COVID-19 became the unexpected catalyst that accelerates digital transformation and technology adoption. The immense adoption of digital financial services is driven by several key factors, including growth in mobile internet penetration, the rise of digital merchants, and accelerating consumers' adoption.

9 March, 2022|East Ventures, Insights, From Portfolios|

More Indonesian companies installing rooftop solar panels

More Indonesian companies such as apparel manufacturer Pan Brothers are banking on the sun in their march towards sustainability. In January, three factories of Pan Brothers in Boyolali regency, Central Java, began operating rooftop solar panels that can generate 1,800 kilowatt peak (kwp), the rate at which they generate energy at peak performance such as on a sunny day in the afternoon.

3 March, 2022|From Portfolios|

How leaders deliver the passion of workers, even in the time of crisis: the leadership tips from CEOs of CoHive and Base

As a leader in the company, you probably want all employees to have the same frequency and passion as yours to achieve the same goal. However, it might be a challenge as the company gets bigger and faces a crisis. Yaumi Fauziah Sugiharta, Co-Founder and CEO of Base, and Christopher Angkasa, CEO of CoHive, share their experiences.

15 February, 2022|From Portfolios|

KoinWorks pertajam kehadiran sebagai Neobank untuk garap segmen UMKM

Neobank menjadi senjata baru KoinWorks di luar bisnis lending, untuk menjangkau lebih banyak target pengguna dari segmen UMKM yang memiliki keterbatasan terhadap akses layanan keuangan. Saat ini produk tersebut masih dalam tahap beta fase ketiga, rencananya akan dirilis secara resmi pada April 2022 mendatang dengan mengumumkan solusi baru yang diklaim pertama hadir di Indonesia.

19 January, 2022|From Portfolios|