50 rising startups in Indonesia - Tech in Asia (January 2024)
East Ventures


29 January 2024

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East Ventures’ portfolio companies listed amongst Tech in Asia’s 50 rising startups in Indonesia

Which startups are on the path to becoming the next big thing? One way to tell would be to check when they’ve raised a new round. Tech in Asia has generated a list of startups in Indonesia that have recently raised funding.

The list is constantly updated by Tech in Asia, covering companies up to the series E stage.

Extending our warm congratulations to the 7 East Ventures Family members who made it into the list!


Komunal Team

Komunal is a fintech company whose mission is to accelerate financial inclusion through digitizing rural banks in Indonesia. The firm recently raised US$5.5 million in a series A+ funding round, following its last round led by East Ventures. Komunal will continue to expand its product offerings and develop close partnerships with more rural banks, particularly those outside Java and Bali.


Gravel Co-founders

Gravel is an emerging tech player within the construction sector. It offers a diversified range of services, integrating innovation throughout the construction process. The Jakarta-based startup raised US$14 million in financing, with participation from East Ventures, in December last year.


Compawnion founders

Established in 2020, Compawnion is a lifestyle company that emphasizes the improved overall health and well-being of companion animals, especially dogs and cats. Compawnion joined the family as it secured new funding led by East Ventures last year. The firm boasts two pet food brands, Pawmeals and UGO.


AMODA team

AMODA is a property and construction technology company that revolutionizes the conventional process of construction. East Ventures doubled down in the proptech last year October after leading its pre-Seed round in 2022

Hijra (ALAMI Sharia)

ALAMI Sharia team

ALAMI Sharia (or Hijra) is the world’s leading vertically integrated Islamic financial technology platform. The firm successfully closed its pre-series B round led by East Ventures (Growth fund) last year. To date, ALAMI Sharia has provided solutions to the underserved 230 million Muslims, and their small businesses, in Indonesia.


Fajar Adiwidodo, CEO of Bababos; dan Hendrik Panca, CFO of Bababos

Bababos is a manufacturing raw material procurement platform that connects small and medium enterprises (SME) manufacturers with the best suppliers. The firm bagged its US$3 million in Seed funding led by East Ventures in September 2023, following its pre-Seed round in March of the same year.


Hukumku founders

Hukumku is a legal technology company that aims to revolutionize the legal industry in Indonesia. The firm joined the family in September 2023 as it raised funding led by East Ventures

Read the full list by Tech in Asia here.

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