Building a company culture that lasts: Tips from profitable startup founders

If an average adult works eight hours a day, five days a week, they will spend roughly a third of their lifetime, totaling 90,000 hours, at their workplace. With offices reopening post-pandemic, companies aim not only to fill seats but also to bring back company culture, which has taken a backseat for many throughout the remote-working era. During this time, workers’ attitudes and priorities have shifted, and how companies approach culture, human resources, and teamwork is entirely different than just a few years ago.

Efforts to achieve logistics efficiency: Andree Susanto, Founder & CEO of Waresix

In the growth of the digital economy, what we do as a catalyst is to accelerate the flow of information and relate it to existing problems. In the logistics sector, we get information faster so we can improvise from a planning perspective. We can also find out where the warehouse is full or the port is waiting in line, then we can arrange a better plan.