East Ventures


5 December, 2022


Kompas100 CEO Forum 2022 “Membuat Terang di Tahun Menantang: 7 Langkah Menavigasikan Pemulihan 2023”

The 13th Kompas100 CEO Forum powered by East Ventures exists as a forum for dialogue between economic sector stakeholders. The Main Forum of Kompas100 CEO Forum was held at the State Palace, Friday (2/12/2022).

The Coordinating Minister for the Economy, the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs and the Minister of Finance were the speakers at a panel discussion discussing challenges and steps to accelerate the 2023 recovery. Furthermore, President Joko Widodo was present to deliver a speech addressing optimism and efforts to spread it. As well as seven CEOs representing the business sector appearing to convey their aspirations.

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