East Ventures


1 March, 2024


Optimistic in the Era of Digital Transformation, This is What Investor Targets

CNBC Indonesia presents the Economic Outlook 2024 with the theme “Year of Optimism.”

But just how big is the opportunity for the Indonesian economy to continue to grow amid global economic turmoil?

Roderick Purwana, Managing Partner at East Ventures, reveals the direction of investment in the digital sector in 2024. Although digitalization is increasingly massive in Indonesia and globally, investors still see the role of digital as ‘complementary.’ He emphasized that digital progress does not necessarily make investors only focus on the digital sector.

In addition, digitalization is an inevitable thing today, along with technological developments.

According to Roderick, digitalization has become part of everyday life. So it is not surprising that many investment companies or venture capital companies invest heavily in startups and digital technology companies. Digitalization has also encouraged domestic companies to continue to innovate and transform in order to overcome changes in behavior in society.

Watch the rest in the Economic Outlook Special Program on CNBC Indonesia, Thursday (29/02/2024).

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