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29 January, 2024


Investors Wary of 2024 Layoff Storm, Is Startup’s Fate at Risk?

The mass layoffs and startup closures that occurred in 2023 continued into early 2024. In January 2024, a number of companies are known to have cut tens to thousands of employees, including Google’s layoffs.

East Ventures Managing Partner Roderick Purwana said the wave of global startup layoffs was mainly due to restructuring to efficiency and bankruptcy.

For Venture Capital, layoffs if done for efficiency or to focus on the business, can positively encourage the health of the company to achieve profitability. This also makes investors more selective in investing including taking into account global sentiment factors.

How does venture capital see startup layoffs in 2024? How will it impact startup investment? Read more about Bramudya Prabowo’s dialog with East Ventures Managing Partner, Roderick Purwana in Profit, CNBCIndonesia (Thursday, 25/01/2024).

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