From principles to practice: Shariah investing in Southeast Asia

While Southeast Asia houses a massive Muslim population, many of them struggle to find investment options that align with their faith. Sharia investment, which adheres to Islamic principles, is emerging as a powerful solution.

Collaborations with various fintech providers: Sigit Kouwagam, Co-Founder of and Stockbit

Operationally, startups generally collaborate with other parties in the digital economy ecosystem to deliver services to users. Besides creating new jobs as well as accelerating digitalization in various fields, the existence of startups also adds value to other startups.

Pushing financial literacy after inclusion

Financial inclusion is crucial for any nation to accelerate economic growth by improving equal financial access and support for doing business, such as transactions, payments, savings, credit and insurance. Financial inclusion will foster entrepreneurship and scalability, which will lead to reducing poverty and economic inequality in the long term.

How tech startups navigate the business in the global uncertainty

Lately, the promising future offered by the tech industry has been clouded by several issues, ranging from declining valuations to massive employee cuts. Global uncertainty is heightened by several downside risks, such as rising inflation, US interest rate hikes, energy and food price volatility, and the geopolitical threats from the Russia - Ukraine war.

The role of fintech in closing the financial gap in Indonesia

In recent years, Indonesia's digital financial services have experienced a boom as COVID-19 became the unexpected catalyst that accelerates digital transformation and technology adoption. The immense adoption of digital financial services is driven by several key factors, including growth in mobile internet penetration, the rise of digital merchants, and accelerating consumers' adoption.

Stockbit helps increase financial literacy and financial access inclusion through technology

Stockbit helps increase financial literacy and financial access inclusion through technology June 3, 2021 As an investment platform in Indonesia, Stockbit has a dual mandate: to increase the country’s financial literacy rate as well as financial access inclusion in order to amass more retail investors. According to East Ventures Digital Competitiveness Index 2021, the pandemic has provided momentum for fintech players to foster a batch of first-time investors through technology. Only two out of five Indonesians have adequate financial literacy, according to a 2019 survey by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). The survey, which involved [...]