Startups are expected to help digital transformation run seamless: Benedicto Haryono, Co-founder & CEO of KoinWorks

Startups do have important roles but on a different scale. We used to look at startups as the first catalyst since the digital economy was not as big as it is now. We now realize that startups are not the only player and catalysts, they also act more as facilitators.

Pushing financial literacy after inclusion

Financial inclusion is crucial for any nation to accelerate economic growth by improving equal financial access and support for doing business, such as transactions, payments, savings, credit and insurance. Financial inclusion will foster entrepreneurship and scalability, which will lead to reducing poverty and economic inequality in the long term.

The role of fintech lending to Indonesia’s agribusiness sector

Agriculture plays a significant role in Indonesia's economic growth and development. It contributed to 14% of the nation's GDP in 2020, and the sector employs 29% of the Indonesian workforce. However, most Indonesian farmers are still living in poverty. According to World Bank’s data, around half of the Indonesian farmers are smallholders that earn an average of US$ 3.2 per day.

The role of fintech in closing the financial gap in Indonesia

In recent years, Indonesia's digital financial services have experienced a boom as COVID-19 became the unexpected catalyst that accelerates digital transformation and technology adoption. The immense adoption of digital financial services is driven by several key factors, including growth in mobile internet penetration, the rise of digital merchants, and accelerating consumers' adoption.

KoinWorks pertajam kehadiran sebagai Neobank untuk garap segmen UMKM

Neobank menjadi senjata baru KoinWorks di luar bisnis lending, untuk menjangkau lebih banyak target pengguna dari segmen UMKM yang memiliki keterbatasan terhadap akses layanan keuangan. Saat ini produk tersebut masih dalam tahap beta fase ketiga, rencananya akan dirilis secara resmi pada April 2022 mendatang dengan mengumumkan solusi baru yang diklaim pertama hadir di Indonesia.