‘A solid and integrated digital ecosystem is what jumpstarts Indonesia’s digital economy’: Willson Cuaca

Here is one riveting fact about our treasured country, Indonesia: it is the world’s largest archipelago consisting of 17,508 islands. Out of 600 million of Southeast Asia’s population, 270 million inhabit Indonesia. What is more, US$ 1.1 trillion out of US$ 2.1 trillion of Southeast Asia’s economy is located in Indonesia. That being said, Indonesia is the largest and most homogeneous market in the subregion with profuse economic potentials. The abundant islands dotting the country also signify the many inefficiencies to address and overcome. The vast market with overflowing problems that entail was the reason why East Ventures came to life. As long as problems are consistently lurking around us, it is imperative that we bring solutions and innovations to the table.

Pandemic accelerated digital transformation in Indonesia, making it more equal

Pandemic accelerated digital transformation in Indonesia, making it more equal March 23, 2021 East Ventures, a pioneering digital startup venture capital in Indonesia has launched the East Ventures Digital Competitiveness Index 2021. Today, the report is also available in English. This is the second year that East Ventures has committed to mapping out the development of the digital economy across Indonesia. Taking “Indonesia’s accelerating digital economic transformation” as this year’s theme, EV-DCI 2021 does not only provide in-depth data on various indicators related to the digital economy but also offers perspectives and insights from renowned [...]

Indonesia’s digital economy to slingshot into its golden era

Indonesia’s digital economy to slingshot into its golden era February 25, 2021 Taking a slingshot as an analogy, Indonesia’s digital economy is the rock that is being pulled back by the COVID-19. Indonesia’s digital economy is more ready than ever to launch into its golden era. With a maturing ecosystem, coupled with the groundwork that has been laid out as a result of the pandemic, Indonesia’s digital economy is ready to take off. Let’s imagine a slingshot. In a slingshot, there are three main components: the rock that will be propelled forward, the force that [...]

Willson Cuaca: Covid-19 spurs leap in Indonesia digital transformation

Covid-19 spurs an 18 months leap in Indonesia digital transformation journey, according to Willson Cuaca 9 October 2020 JAKARTA — The physical restrictions and lockdown imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated digital adoption in Indonesia. Willson Cuaca, Co-founder and Managing Partner of East Ventures, describes this rapid transformation in Topcast by Tokopedia, a podcast hosted by Tokopedia. The implementation of the strict physical distancing measures, according to Willson, slowed down all high-touch economic activities in Indonesia. For this reason, businesses and consumers have had to adopt various digital platforms to fulfill their needs. Combined with a [...]