Synergized equal digitalization across the nation

From the perspective of Andre Soelistyo, CEO of GoTo Group & GoTo Financial

Indonesia is one of the largest digital players in Southeast Asia and is expected to become one of the biggest in Asia. What are the obstacles to meet these expectations?

First, we need to foster quality human resources. Indonesia has more than 2,200 startups companies, and will continue to grow. This demonstrates the favorable regulatory which encourage the growth of the startup ecosystem. However, there remains a lack of workforce for the digital economy industry.

Second, we need adequate logistic infrastructure. As an archipelagic country, Indonesia still faces the challenge to create a reliable and affordable logistic infrastructure so that everyone across the country is able to utilize the digital economy. Third, the ease of business for MSME players as the backbone of the digital economy industry. By providing various infrastructures that aid MSMEs, they will be able to grow alongside other industries.

The pandemic has become the momentum of accelerating digital transformation in multiple sectors. How ready are Indonesian talents to partake in the workforce for Industry 4.0?

Collaborations between the government and tech-players in the industry must be continuously done to equip the digital talents with the skill sets and experiences needed by global industry, in regards to the rapid development of ICT and borderless competition. At GoTo, we partake in the HR development program through Kampus Merdeka initiated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek). We also organize upskilling programs for young tech talents, namely Generasi GIGIH. At GoJek, we have GoAcademy, a talent incubator, and Gojek Xcelerate. Meanwhile, at Tokopedia, some initiatives include Tokopedia Goes to Campus, Product Design Academy, Tokopedia DevCamp, and multiple collaborations with universities. 

With a huge market potential, digital adoption becomes a must for Indonesia. What synergies have GoTo undertaken with other stakeholders to support the measures of equal digitalization?

One of the synergies to achieve equal digitalization especially for Indonesian MSME players is the #BangkitBersama movement. One of the programs in this movement is training for MSME players to strengthen competitiveness through digitalization. Then, GoTo Financial also improves the competence of non-culinary MSMEs through the Komunitas Retail GoTo Financial (KONTAG). This community is part of the  Academy of Business Partners (Akademi Mitra Usaha/KAMUS) initiative that has trained more than 50,000 MSMEs across Indonesia in 2021. We certainly intend to keep exploring other collaborations with multiple stakeholders in order to support equal distribution of digitalization across the nation.

The merger of Gojek and Tokopedia was a huge decision amidst the pandemic. How has GoTo contributed to improving MSME through digital platforms?

The decision to give birth to GoTo has produced a platform that integrates on-demand services, e-commerce, and fintech in one ecosystem. To the best of our knowledge, GoTo is the first platform to have performed this in Southeast Asia. From then on, we now have solid infrastructure and resources to help MSMEs implement digitization in every phase of its business operations. According to research by LD FEB UI, the turnover of MSME partners in GoTo Financial by the end of 2021 was estimated to increase by 37% (yoy) or equal to IDR 53.2 trillion.

From the customers’ perspective, there is an increasing use of digital services that help MSMEs growth. Research by LPEM FEB UI shows that 7 out of 10 [business players/merchants in] Tokopedia have experienced a surge in sales up to 133% during the pandemic. Also, for MSME players, GoPay becomes the gateway to digital financial access. 60% of MSMEs made their first non-cash transaction with GoPay.

Technology development comes with an increased level of cybercrime. What are the corporate policies to improve the safety of users of digital service and product?

We focus on three aspects in enhancing security. First is protection, emphasizing the importance of preventive measures. We implement privacy policy and establish a Data Protection Officers team. The, we provide education to improve digital literacy among users, driver partners, and merchants through the #AmanBersamaGojek campaign. Tokopedia has also been actively educating their users and merchant partners. Lastly, technology that provides innovative features and technology to improve cyber security, by doing access limitation, and multiple-layer protection to safeguard personal data of the users.