East Ventures di OC Donation Yayasan BUMN
East Ventures


15 September, 2022

Press Release

East Ventures donated 53 oxygen concentrators to BUMN Foundation for Indonesia

East Ventures, a pioneering sector-agnostic venture capital firm that has supported over 250 companies in Southeast Asia, continues its support to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia by donating 53 units of oxygen concentrator (OC) to the BUMN Foundation for Indonesia (BUMN Foundation).

The donation ceremony was held on Wednesday, 14 September 2022, at the Ministry of State Owned Enterprises (SME) Building, Jakarta. Melisa Irene, Partner at East Ventures, and David Fernando Audy, Operating Partner at East Ventures, represented East Ventures to symbolically hand over OC to Susyanto, Secretary of the Ministry of State Owned Enterprises; Harjawan Balaningrath, Chairman of the BUMN Foundation; and Syafuan, Executive Director of the BUMN Foundation.

“We hope that the support we provide can bring a positive impact on the Indonesians. All of these oxygen concentrators are collective donations from the East Ventures ecosystem, including Mekari, Advotics, Arsitag, Bahasa.ai, Cicil, Content Collision, Desty, Hacktiv8, Justika, Medico, Recharge, SIRCLO, Xurya, Otten, Stickearn, Xeratic, Bonza, CoHive, Komunal, and Transfez. We are very grateful to the Ministry SOE and BUMN Foundation, who have worked hard to prepare Indonesia for various health challenges. We believe this spirit will continue,” said Melisa Irene, Partner at East Ventures.

This donation is a continuation of the initiative presented by East Ventures together with various parties, namely Indonesia PASTI BISA (IDPB). The IDPB movement is an initiative to support Indonesia in dealing with COVID-19. East Ventures has successfully distributed 100,020 test kits, 10,000 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and 1,450 oxygen concentrators through this initiative.

“We greatly welcome the assistance provided by East Ventures. We believe that facing a crisis requires effort and support from various parties. Apart from the COVID-19 case that has begun to ease, we are confident that the BUMN Foundation can distribute this tool to health facilities in need,” said Susyanto, Secretary of the Ministry of SOE.

The BUMN Foundation will distribute this oxygen concentrator to various health facilities, especially in areas that still need it. The BUMN Foundation was established in 2018 under the auspices of the Ministry of SOE. The BUMN Foundation aims to provide optimal services and assistance in various regions in Indonesia, especially in the outermost, frontier, and border areas. Since its establishment, the BUMN Foundation has been active in sending aid to disaster victims and assisting development efforts in remote parts of the country. The BUMN Foundation is also a means of channeling donations to various private sectors (including banking) to help deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.