Project Description


Social Commerce


Desty is an early-stage startup focusing on providing tools for online sellers, influencers, and creators to create their online presence. Users can create landing pages optimized for link-in-bios and build their own branded online store in just minutes for free.

Founded by technology experts from Indonesia and China, Desty brings together a collective experience from tech leaders such as Alibaba, Facebook, Google, JD, and Canva to revolutionize Indonesia’s e-commerce space.

Co-Founder and CEO Mulyono is one of Indonesia’s e-commerce veterans with years of experience at Alibaba Group, complemented by his unique expertise as a former VC. He is building Desty with Co-Founder and COO Bill Wang, who embodies 17 years of e-commerce experience under Alibaba Group.


  • Mulyono Xu, CEO & Co-founder
  • Bill Wang, COO & Co-founder

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