East Ventures Batik
East Ventures


2 October 2023


The woven beauty of the new East Ventures’ Batik, where heritage meets innovation

In the vibrant tapestry of Indonesia’s cultural heritage, few art forms capture the essence of the nation quite like Batik. Batik has long been a source of pride and inspiration for Indonesians, and East Ventures is proud to have it deeply rooted in our day-to-day philosophy. The beautiful symbolism within every brush stroke and the disruptive innovations that East Ventures fosters inspire us to do what we do.

Last year, we shared the story behind the first version of East Ventures’ Batik. As we celebrate this year’s National Batik Day, we want to share the all-new East Ventures’ Batik and why its every pattern and symbolism create an everlasting story.

The new East Ventures Batik weaves together 5 indigenous motifs:


“Dlorong” is a form of slanted fields that can be filled with florals, faunas, lines, and other motifs. Dlorong symbolizes the journey of human life, which aspect the East Ventures Family aspires to impact through innovations that have been bred by our ecosystem and founders.


The “Kawung” motif means perfection and excellence, which is also makes one of our firm’s core values. It has a deep symbolic meaning so that the user of the motif becomes the perfect helpful person for society. Through excellence, East Ventures is passionate about helping its founders realize their dreams, employees become the best version of themselves, and society to be impacted by its capability. 


The “Suluran” motif is decorative elements inspired by vines that symbolize connection, strength, and determination. The interconnectedness of the East Ventures ecosystem continues to inspire us every day, and we are always thrilled to foster collaboration among our family.


“Sisik” is Indonesian for scales. They are a fish scale-like decorative motif that means fortune and balance. East Ventures aspires to be in and bring good fortune and remains bullish towards Southeast Asia’s, particularly Indonesia’s, robust ecosystem.


The “Limar” motif was influenced by peranakan culture. It’s a prayer for those who wear the Batik to have integrity, and through perseverance, they can achieve a good life. Integrity also becomes our most important value for the team and our founders. Looking into our investment philosophy, we believe in investing in the founders who can navigate and weather crises. The Limar motif is also filled with Beras Wutah to symbolize good fortune and wealth

Just as every brushstroke contributes to its overall beauty, we are proud to have our values interlaced in the Batik. Our tenacity is highlighted in our new Batik’s blue, brown, and white hues.

  1. Light blue: Associated with trustworthiness and reliability.
  2. Dark blue: Accociated with knowledge, integrity, and seriousness.
  3. Brown: Symbolizes warmth and security.
  4. White: Symbolizes empathy and purity.

Despite all hindrances and global uncertainties, we remain steadfast in our journey while upholding our values, and we cannot wait to share them with you all.