Menelusuri perkembangan dan peluang fintech di Indonesia

In the past few years, funding to the fintech sector has increased significantly. Between 2021 and 2022 it has increased by 83%, showing investors’ optimism about the opportunities in the sector. Indonesia's fintech sector has undergone dynamic evolution, beginning with innovations in online payments and diversifying into different vertical industries, reaching the untapped markets in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, and addressing the unique financial needs of other startups in the ecosystem. This evolution highlights the adaptability and diverse innovations within Indonesia's fintech landscape.

GENEXYZ, perusahaan kreator meta-human, raih pendanaan tahap awal sebesar IDR 14 miliar yang dipimpin oleh East Ventures

GENEXYZ, perusahaan perintis kreator meta human yang menghadirkan agregator virtual influencer / humans IPs (Intellectual Property) di Indonesia, pada hari ini mengumumkan penutupan pendanaan tahap awal (seed round) sebesar US$1 juta (atau sekitar IDR 14 miliar) yang dipimpin oleh East Ventures. Pendanaan ini turut diikuti oleh investor lainnya, seperti Emtek, MDI, Trinity Optima, dan Massive Music.