Co-founders of Praktis

Indonesia-based Praktis raises pre-series A funding from East Ventures

December 15, 2021

Praktis (previously known as, a data-powered supply chain solution for DTC (direct to consumer) brands, announced that it has secured an undisclosed amount of pre-series A funding round led by East Ventures with participation from Triputra Group. The investment will be allocated to accelerate technology enhancements, team building, and increase product offerings to provide better service to Praktis’ clients.

Praktis is lending brand owners a helping hand in managing day to day operational activity. With an advanced system and technology, Praktis has a full visibility of all the supply chain processes. It optimizes the production planning and inventory control process to make it more cost efficient. The platform acts as a single point of contact for SMEs in managing their back-end operations, freeing up time for the founders to focus more on their actual business. Praktis’ services consist of sourcing and production activities that allow brands to utilize Praktis’ vast network of trusted suppliers for creating and developing their products; logistics and fulfillment services that offer operational efficiency through automated systems and reliable partners; order management systems for brands to enter the right channels with accurate data-driven insights and demand predictions; and access to working capital financing that help the brands scale. Additionally, through its platform Praktis is also capturing procurement orders from B2B (business to business) and B2G (business to government).

Praktis unifies the deep experiences in DTC manufacturing and operations of the founders. Adrian Gilrandy received a Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management from University of Groningen. He started a professional career and gained expertise in strategic and operations management from Triputra Group where he met Dipta Imanto, a tech-enthusiast and Industrial Engineer. Dipta has extensive experience of operations improvement in multiple industries, from manufacturing, logistics, to agriculture. Adrian and Dipta then established Praktis, together with Mohamad Fahrul, a creative entrepreneur behind Gudang Selatan Art Space Community in Bandung, Indonesia, that has supported some notable local footwear brands. They realized that a lot of local SME DTC brands still experience difficulties and face lots of pain points in managing a sustainable business and to even scale up.

“Juggling between managing procurement, logistics, and store management on top of designing and marketing great products can be such a major headache for SME DTC brands. This is where we come in, offering seamless operations management,” said Dipta Imanto, Co-founder of Praktis.

By 2025, the Indonesian DTC markets in the fashion, food and personal care as well as furniture and appliances, which currently become Praktis’ main focus, are expected to grow a total of US$ 36,120 billion annually.

“We are seeing a promising DTC market in Indonesia. It is reflected in our monthly revenue which is experiencing over 12x growth (YoY) in 2021 with estimated 24x CAGR and 31% CMGR based on 8-month period from January to September 2021. As a single point of contact, We enable DTC brands to be more focused on their core competencies, which ends up leading the brand to a far higher growth in revenue with efficient working capital utilization. In the near future, we are anticipating a 6x revenue growth,” said Adrian Gilrandy, Co-founder of Praktis.

Willson Cuaca, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of East Ventures said, “We invest in Praktis with the belief that their product offerings will be able to help SME DTC brands to grow and scale rapidly. Based on their performance thus far, we can see that Praktis’ products indeed solve the key pain points of their customers. We are excited for Praktis’ development as they continue to scale.”