Indonesia PASTI BISA Safeguards Oxygen raised over US$ 1 million, exceeding the target within 10 days

July 22, 2021

Indonesia PASTI BISA (IDPB) Safeguards Oxygen, a collaborative movement initiated by East Ventures to support effort in COVID-19 patient care, has managed to raise US$ 1,063,519 within 10 days, 4 days ahead of schedule. The donations exceed the target of US$ 1 million.

All donations collected allow IDPB Safeguards Oxygen to donate more than 1,000 oxygen concentrators to hospitals in Indonesia. IDPB Safeguards Oxygen has completed the first distribution of 200 oxygen concentrators to 33 hospitals in 10 provinces of Indonesia within a week from the start of the fundraising activity. 170 units have been received by 28 hospitals in 6 provinces, while the remaining 30 units are still on their way to 5 hospitals in 5 provinces. Distribution progress and results are transparent and updated live on IDPB’s website at IDPB Safeguards Oxygen will soon bring in more oxygen concentrators gradually.


IDPB Safeguards Oxygen was initiated to help Indonesia amid the peak rise of COVID-19 cases. By leveraging the core strength of each technology partner, IDPB Safeguards Oxygen to build an integrated platform to donate oxygen concentrators to hospitals in Indonesia. IDPB Safeguards Oxygen combines the capabilities of East Ventures’s portfolio companies in Indonesia, such as Bonza (data platform), Xendit and KoinWorks (payment integration), Waresix (distribution or logistics), Advotics (inventory tracking), and IDN Media (outreach).

“Indonesia PASTI BISA Safeguards Oxygen kicked off the flywheel effect by designing end-to-end solutions, starting from donations, procurement, oxygen demand prediction, distribution or logistics, inventory management to publications. This technology-based donation platform was created in just 2 days by the Bonza, Waresix, and Advotics teams. We are grateful and touched with the support from our donors and partners that enable us to reach our fundraising target of US$1 million within 10 days or 4 days ahead of the schedule.” said Willson Cuaca, Founding Partner of East Ventures.

The milestone is a result of mutual cooperation from all parties involved, especially from almost 700 individual and corporate donors. IDPB Safeguards Oxygen’s corporate donors include BEENOS Inc., EMTEK (Elang Mahkota Teknologi), Bukalapak, BEENEXT, GGV Capital, Pavilion Capital, Sampoerna Agro, Bank Sahabat Sampoerna, First Resources, Stockbit, SMDV, Sucor Sekuritas, IDN Media, PT. Sasa Inti, KoinWorks, Sociolla, Nusantics, COVER Corporation, and many more.

IDPB Safeguards Oxygen is also supported by Temasek Foundation, Indonesia’s Ministry of Health, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Singapore, IndoTech SG, Indonesian Professionals Association Singapore (IPA SG), and KawalCOVID19.

“We call Indonesia PASTI BISA Safeguards Oxygen as a movement, not merely a donation campaign. This donation tracking system is ready to scale up to a national level including tracking donations other than oxygen concentrators,” said Willson.