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East Ventures Digital Competitiveness Index 2021

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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital adoption in Indonesia has undeniably accelerated. The pandemic acted as a catalyst for digitalization. At 73% internet penetration rate, Indonesia’s digital ecosystem is maturing and becoming more and more multifaceted. However, we also recognize that the geographical characteristics of the archipelago presents challenges to the distribution of development. The disparity in the equity of this growth and development is still quite significant amongst the different regions in Indonesia.

Since 2020, East Ventures has partnered with the Katadata Insight Center to map out the evolution of Indonesia’s digital economy in its annual East Ventures Digital Competitiveness Index (EV-DCI) report. What we aim to underline in this report is the importance of mapping out and assessing Indonesia’s digital economic condition – both strengths and weaknesses of each region, to provide a viewpoint of the massive opportunities that lie in the country.

EV-DCI returns in 2021 to paint an in-depth picture of the competitiveness of each of Indonesia’s 34 provinces and 25 major cities in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The index is a composition of various data sets, utilizing the use of ICT to map out the use of technology in business and entrepreneurship, employment trends, infrastructure development and the role of government regulations in maturing the ecosystem.

EV-DCI is the result of evaluating in depth variety of data sets, including the speed of technology adoption, human resource readiness, entrepreneurship, reliability of physical infrastructure, and support from government regulations.

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William Tanuwijaya - Tokopedia | East Ventures Venture Capital VC

"Tokopedia is the first portfolio company from East Ventures around the world. It has been great on connecting us to a lot of global investors, and a subsequent of the fundraising of Tokopedia based on the introduction of East Ventures."
William Tanuwijaya, Founder of Tokopedia
Ferry Unardi - Traveloka | East Ventures Venture Capital VC

"East Ventures has been able to help us get to know the right strategic partners to help us accelerate our growth."
Ferry Unardi, Founder of Traveloka
Albert Lucius - Kudo | East Ventures Venture Capital VC

"East Ventures played a key pivotal role in our growth. It helped us at that time to connect with potential buyers, to potential investors and also at the same time help us navigate through the difficult and painful M&A process."
Albert Lucius, Founder of Kudo
Shintaro Yamada - Mercari | East Ventures Venture Capital VC

"East Ventures has supported us from the very beginning, not only in terms of funding, but also by providing us with invaluable business know-how. Their continued support has helped open the door for Mercari to take on the challenge of expanding on a global scale."
Shintaro Yamada, Founder of Mercari

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