East Ventures - Impersonation statement
East Ventures


16 May 2024

Press Release

Fraudulent notice: Impersonation of East Ventures

East Ventures noticed a certain Telegram account engaging in fraudulent activities. This account is acting on behalf of East Ventures, using the firm’s name and photos: “East Ventures ID (@EastVentures_ID)” and claiming to have been fundraising publicly.

East Ventures strictly asserts that this is not associated with the company in any way.

  • East Ventures does not own a Telegram account.
  • East Ventures has not fundraised publicly through any social media platform at that.
  • East Ventures has never authorized individuals to “deposit funds trading”.

Please also be aware of any account using East Ventures’ logo and employee photos or any variation of the firm’s company name as their @handles.

Protecting East Ventures’ team and stakeholders from these threats is East Ventures’ top priority. East Ventures takes this matter very seriously and is actively investigating it. If you have been contacted by anyone claiming to represent East Ventures in a manner that seems suspicious or fraudulent, we urge you to refrain from engaging and to report this matter immediately via:

With this, East Ventures will not accept responsibility for any loss incurred that has been made in the firm’s name to any person.

East Ventures reserves all rights to pursue legal action and remedies against any person or company that impersonates East Ventures and/or infringes the firm’s intellectual property.

Thank you for your attention.