24 11, 2022

East Ventures launched the fourth initiative of Indonesia PASTI BISA, Maju Terus Pantang Mundur, to revive and support the digital ecosystem in Indonesia

2022-11-26T15:08:30+07:0024 November, 2022|Press Release|

East Ventures, a pioneering sector-agnostic venture capital firm that has supported over 250 tech companies across Southeast Asia, today launched the fourth initiative of Indonesia PASTI BISA, namely Maju Terus Pantang Mundur (Keep Moving Forward, Never Give Up) or IDPB MTPM. It is a collaborative project led by East Ventures in response to the current rampant employee layoffs, especially in the tech ecosystem.

23 11, 2022

Is sustainability expensive? Here are some facts

2022-11-23T00:55:28+07:0023 November, 2022|Insights|

The answer is no. Having a sustainable business means the company needs to find a way to scale up its enterprises, saving the cost for operations and customers. Moreover, it will be a positive way if sustainable solutions can generate value for the companies.

18 11, 2022

David vs Goliath: How Indonesian SaaS startups can win

2022-11-18T00:17:42+07:0018 November, 2022|Insights|

Over the past decade, software-as-a-service (SaaS) has emerged as a successful model for software delivery globally. Both businesses and consumers have been demanding more software tools, and the question has always been – “how to sell and deliver what the customers want at scale?” The hallmark of SaaS - a centrally hosted, web-delivered, multi-tenant architecture (i.e. built once, sold many times) fit into the growing digitalization theme and was the core engine of tech adoption in the US and many developed economies.

15 11, 2022

East Ventures signed the Memorandum of Understanding with KADIN Net Zero Hub and WRI Indonesia in advancing commitment towards net-zero targets

2022-11-15T17:58:41+07:0015 November, 2022|Press Release|

East Ventures, a pioneering sector-agnostic venture capital firm that has supported over 250 tech companies across Southeast Asia, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) Net Zero Hub and World Resources Institute (WRI) Indonesia for the strategic partnership and collaboration in advancing commitment towards net zero targets.

12 11, 2022

A healthy lifestyle begins at your fingertips

2022-11-12T11:52:47+07:0012 November, 2022|From Portfolios|

A study from the AIA Group in 2018 showed that Indonesia ranked the lowest in the Asia Pacific regarding the application of a healthy lifestyle. Despite being satisfied with their health condition, the research also revealed that Indonesians’ healthy living activities decreased from 4.0 in 2016 to 3.6 in 2018.

10 11, 2022

Early-stage startups can implement ESG principles, here’s how

2022-11-10T17:31:04+07:0010 November, 2022|Insights|

This year, sustainable business became a buzzword as more investors and stakeholders asked companies to be more aware of their businesses and implement ESG principles. A common assumption is that sustainability is only suitable for growth-stage companies and large corporations. Moreover, sustainability is often more closely associated with green actions, environmentally friendly products, and other things.

8 11, 2022

Collaboratively leveraging agritech for resilient and inclusive growth

2022-11-08T14:53:57+07:008 November, 2022|From Portfolios|

Indonesia is an agricultural powerhouse with over 42 million hectares under cultivation, yet productivity is widely considered to be suboptimal. According to the World Bank, 93 percent of Indonesia's agriculture output is dominated by smallholder farmers who earn an average of US$ 3.20 per day, younger generations are becoming increasingly uninterested in the sector.

3 11, 2022

Using drones, ARIA wants to change the ‘old face’ of the farming industry

2022-11-03T00:09:17+07:003 November, 2022|EVDCI|

Born into a family with a farming machinery business, William Sjaichudin has long been familiar with Indonesia’s farmers and agricultural dynamics since he was a kid. After graduating from Purdue University as a professional golfer, William returned home to help with the family business. He discovered that the Indonesian agriculture industry has yet to be transformed by technological advances like other industries.

29 10, 2022

Indonesian Health System Transformation

2022-10-29T04:19:34+07:0029 October, 2022|Insights|

On 25 October 2022, East Ventures moderated a Fireside Chat with the Indonesian Minister of Health, Budi G. Sadikin at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Singapore. The session was attended by Singaporean health sector private players, Indonesian businesses, and the Indonesian diaspora in Singapore.

28 10, 2022

Dare to dream: Kevin Zhang, founder and CEO of Inteluck

2022-10-28T11:22:07+07:0028 October, 2022|From Portfolios|

Kevin Zhang, 28, is the founder and CEO of data-driven logistics startup Inteluck. Headquartered in Singapore—with offices in the Philippines, Thailand and China—the startup allows its enterprise customers to book delivery trucks and track them on its digital platform. It also offers other services including warehousing and storage.