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11 November, 2021


What do startups need to receive funding from East Ventures?

Optimism for economic recovery is increasingly felt, Kompas100 CEO Forum, discussed a healthy economy in 2022.

At the same time, it is hoped that this event will contribute to government policy. Healthy economy 2022, will be the theme of the 2021 Kompas100 CEO forum.

This theme is a belief in new hope for next year, because the pandemic is getting less and less.

However, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Kompas Daily, Tri Agung Kristanto said, starting to revive community activities should not be ignored, so that the recovery of various sectors can be realized.

During the series of events, the Kompas100 CEO forum also opened a room for discussion with policy makers, including President Joko Widodo.

Innovation in the digital field gave birth to many start-ups in Indonesia, funding is an important factor for a start-up to develop.

What do start-ups need to receive funding?

Kompas TV discussed directly with Roderick Purwana, Managing Partner of East Ventures.

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