East Ventures


4 July, 2022


Roderick Purwana: East Ventures Strategy, The Potential of Indonesia’s Digital Economy | OTS

This episodes features Roderick Purwana, Managing Partner of East Ventures, one of the biggest Venture Capital companies in Indonesia, with over 200 startups in its portfolio. Roderick is an active investor in startups with diverse background in VC and PE industry.

Roderick gives hints about what’s coming the way for entrepreneurs and startups. Amid all the talks of funding being tougher these days, there is also the worry of “What will happen to all these startups if VCs suddenly decide to pull out?”

Roderick opines that the digital economy in Indonesia still have a huge potential, and thus, a positive outlook. Nonetheless, he adds that caution is warranted because many companies are lowering their valuation expectations, a result of growth expectations that have also declined so far.

Listen their discussion about the great potential of the digital industry in Indonesia on #OffTheScript, a podcast series presented by #KatadataPodcast.

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