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6 December, 2022


Digital Economy Acceleration and National Economic Recovery Opportunities

Indonesia has great digital economic potential, but if it is not utilized, this potential cannot take part in economic recovery. The government supports economic development, including through the provision of digital infrastructure, which is sustainable and reliable. The digital economy sector is predicted to continue to grow in the Southeast Asia region and particularly in Indonesia. This is reinforced by data showing that throughout 2020, as much as 41.9 percent of the total digital economic transactions in the Southeast Asian region came from Indonesia. And in 2030 Indonesia’s digital economy is expected to be the largest in Southeast Asia with a projected around IDR 4,500 trillion or 40% of the total digital economy in Southeast Asia.

Related to the development of the digital economy, recently many talents have had to be laid off from start-up companies. East Ventures created a new initiative, namely “Indonesia PASTI BISA”. East Ventures is the most active venture capital firm in Southeast Asia. The “Indonesia PASTI BISA” platform by East Ventures is always used for social activities, as has been done, namely helping to provide oxygen when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its height in Indonesia. One of the goals of this movement is to help laid-off talents to later be distributed to other start-ups at East Ventures. The government believes that digitalization can be a driving force for economic growth to accelerate economic recovery.

In order for technology-based industries to grow optimally, the government is committed to encouraging improvements in infrastructure and human resources in the digital ecosystem. This article can be viewed at: https://www.kompas.tv/article/355543/peluang-akselerasi-ekonomi-digital-dan-pemulihan-ekonomi-nasional

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