Project Description




TreeDots is Asia’s first vertically integrated food supply chain ecosystem. It’s marketplace for surplus and imperfect food supplies tackles the colossal issue of food loss, particularly perfectly edible food that is discarded. The company’s technology helps redistribute unsold inventories from suppliers to businesses like restaurants and cafes, allowing them to source for affordable food supplies. TreeDots also furnishes suppliers with logistics service. The vertically integrated ecosystem serves to allow upstream suppliers to focus their efforts on what they are specialised in – food processing and manufacturing.

With the mission to be a catalyst for a modern-day food supply chain in the region, TreeDots hopes to save 2 million tonnes of food that would have been wasted. The company is also aiming to reduce carbon emissions by 18 million tonnes by 2025.

TreeDots was established in 2018. The company has since expanded to Malaysia in 2020.


  • Tylor Jong, Co-Founder & CEO
  • Lau Jia Cai, Co-Founder
  • Nicholas Lim, Co-Founder

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