East Ventures


1 September, 2021


Eps. 11 – Into the Indonesian Matrix with Willson Cuaca

In life, we always have to make decisions. The problem is, how do we make the right decisions? A lot of times, we make decisions and regret our choices. The guest star of Investor Saham Bahagia this time was very unique. He strongly believes in serendipity. The decision to fund a startup sometimes takes less than 48 hours. According to him, quick decision making can be trained. Being able to make the right decisions and fast is one way to be happy. No need to overthink, the burden is reduced.

Into the Indonesian Matrix, with the early believer of Indonesia: Willson Cuaca, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of East Ventures. Seed investors of Traveloka, Tokopedia, Ruangguru, Xendit, Kudo, Sociolla & many more.