Runchise team
East Ventures


21 October, 2022

Press Release

Runchise raised seed funding led by East Ventures

Runchise, a restaurant management startup and culinary franchise in Indonesia, has officially launched its online application to increase operational efficiency and profit for restaurant or franchise owners, especially in the culinary field. At the same time, Runchise announced the completion of seed funding led by East Ventures. Other investors participating in this funding round include Genesia Ventures, Arise MDI Ventures, Init6, Prasetya Dwidharma, Alto Partners, and angel investors.

The culinary business is one of the businesses that support the economy in the country today. This industry is growing rapidly, as reflected in the high consumption of Indonesians. The culinary players are demanded to keep innovating to compete and be relevant for the growing demand. 

Daniel Witono as Founder and CEO of Runchise said, “The development of the culinary business is influenced by good management or management systems. By using technology, we believe that entrepreneurs will be able to increase profits and increase the output of their businesses. By prioritizing technology, Runchise is here to be a solution for culinary business owners, providing culinary businesses with a complete solution in one platform where the needs of all culinary business operations can be met.”

The management solution offered by Runchise has three main products:

  • Supply Chain Management: Facilitate the operation of restaurants that have many outlets, from managing and procuring stock, raw materials, to flexible company data access arrangements.
  • POS (Point of Sales): Increase sales with simple and fast transaction and service operations
  • Online Ordering: Open a restaurant channel to receive customer orders directly from the application, with the help of delivery services from third parties such as Grab Express or Lalamove

“Runchise has also been integrated with GrabFood and GoFood, making it easier for culinary entrepreneurs to manage online orders in one platform. In addition, Runchise also provides GrabExpress and Lalamove services to help deliver food to customers directly. In the bookkeeping area, Runchise has also been integrated with Jurnal as a provider of accounting software,” added Daniel.

Through a user-centric system with an end-to-end ecosystem, Runchise is specifically designed to support the business processes and operations of an outlet or restaurant consistently. Runchise performs management processes, from table setting to restaurant performance analysis, through one centralized platform.

Runchise will allocate funds from investors to add talent and strengthen the team, develop products and marketing initiatives. “We would like to thank our investors for their trust. Through investment and collaboration with investors, we will continue to innovate by using technology to improve the performance of the food and beverages (F&B) business and become a trusted technology partner in this industry,” said Daniel.

“East Ventures is pleased to continue to support Daniel after following his journey to build Journal in 2015. We believe Runchise’s end-to-end software and solutions will help increase the digitalization of the F&B ecosystem in Indonesia, a promising sector that will continue to thrive in the post-pandemic era,” said Melisa Irene, Partner at East Ventures.

“We are very enthusiastic about supporting Runchise to digitize stakeholders in the Indonesian culinary industry. In recent years, we have seen how innovation and digitalization have provided new opportunities for MSMEs, especially the culinary sector during the pandemic. The consumer food industry reaches up to 50 Billion USD, with most of it still being run offline, this proves that there are still many opportunities for innovation, digitization and growth in this sector. With the experience of operating a growing company and becoming a founder for the second time, we believe Daniel and his team can seize this opportunity and bring positive progress to the F&B industry in Indonesia.” Added Takahiro Suzuki, as GP Genesia Ventures.