Sandra Dewi (angel investor & brand ambassador of Kabina) & Fred Moeis (Founder & CEO of Kabina)
East Ventures


19 August, 2022

Press Release

Kabina, a property and construction startup, raised seed funding led by East Ventures

Kabina, a property and construction startup in Indonesia, announced the completion of its Seed funding round led by East Ventures, with the participation from several notable angel investors, including Sandra Dewi. Sandra Dewi will also become Kabina’s brand ambassador. Kabina will allocate the fresh funds mainly for product development and team expansion, as well as invest in the equipment and solutions that contribute towards more responsible and sustainable operations in the industry. 

“We are glad to receive the investment from East Ventures, the pioneering and leading venture capital firm in Indonesia. We believe this investment and the overall support from East Ventures will accelerate our mission in bringing more innovation and sustainable construction solutions to the market. We look forward to working alongside the strong ecosystem of East Ventures and revolutionizing the construction and property industry in Indonesia,” said Fred Moeis, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kabina.

Having extensive experience in the construction and property industry during his career as a designer, Fred realized that there are a number of pressures faced by the local players in this industry. It is commonly related to the challenges of cost inefficiency and time estimation. Moreover, there was still a lack of awareness or focus on minimizing the negative environmental impact of the ongoing usage of energy-intensive equipment. 

Founded in 2020, Kabina serves as the solution to these ongoing problems. Kabina believes these challenges can be reduced or even eliminated by the integration of technology-based solutions in the process of construction and property development. Kabina simplifies the construction process by utilizing modularity, pre-fabrication, and using wood sourced from sustainably managed & FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forest as the primary material. These simplification techniques and approaches serve as an innovative solution that opens up the opportunity to save a significant amount of cost and minimize waste, as well as water and energy consumption. 

The pandemic has brought a shift of needs towards aspects of people’s life, including in the construction and property industry. Kabina ensures a balanced combination of the essential elements and customers’ needs in providing its solutions. In terms of residential clusters, Kabina creates a multi-purpose structure, which allows the customers to easily adjust and reconstruct the structure based on the different needs of the customers. 

Kabina will also launch other offerings in relation to the lifestyle and the needs of the customers, which include: Kabina House, Kabina Space, Kabina Suite, Kabina Studio, Kabina Lounge, Kabina Play, and many others. 

Some highlights include Kabina Market, its outdoor retail platform with at least 50% of the outdoor area. Kabina Market will be located in prime areas to connect the customers with the brands/retail, but still considering the new preference of customers’ towards more open space experiences. Kabina will also integrate its SaaS solution, namely Kabina Life in digitizing and simplifying the property and real-estate management. The users can navigate visitor management, facility booking, and monthly service payments in one application.

“The addition of Kabina into the East Ventures’ ecosystem will further strengthen our proptech line-up in democratizing the construction and property industry in Indonesia with efficient and sustainable materials and processes. We believe the sustainable innovation and approaches offered by Kabina will further bring positive impacts towards the overall growth of the society,” said Avina Sugiarto, Partner of East Ventures.

Currently, Kabina consists of a team of 16 people based mainly in Indonesia, where 65% are women.