Ahmad Gadi, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FLIK
East Ventures


10 January, 2023

Press Release

FLIK, a unified checkout solution, secured the US$ 1.1 million of pre-seed funding led by East Ventures

FLIK, an Indonesian-based startup that provides a unified checkout solution, announced that it had secured US$ 1.1 million of pre-seed funding led by East Ventures, with the participation of Init-6, GMO VenturePartners, and Saison Capital. 

FLIK’s unified checkout solution allows shoppers to have a more consistent and frictionless checkout experience regardless of sales channel and where they shop. For brands and businesses, having a unified checkout infrastructure is a gateway to capturing a single consolidated data insights of shopper interactions across channels and leveraging the analytics to improve business performance.

FLIK is founded to solidify a fintech infrastructure and shoppers’ experience. Its mission is to provide the best shopping experience by connecting shoppers to products they like and enabling the fastest and most rewarding checkout experience, with the goal of helping brands increase checkout conversions and repeat orders.

FLIK was co-founded by Ahmad Gadi (Chief Executive Officer), who brings more than 10 years of experience in the tech industry, especially as an expert in payments and commerce, from his experience of founding and exiting Pawoon, a Point of Sale company, which had successfully acquired tens of thousands SMEs and enterprises to onboard and accept digital payments.

“We’re glad to have the support of East Ventures and its large ecosystem. FLIK is here to help brands enhance their direct-to-consumer (D2C) transactions by unifying the checkout experience across different sales channels. We believe our solutions will solve the pain points experienced by shoppers in completing e-commerce transactions across different channels, further empowering brands and content creators to scale,” said Ahmad Gadi, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FLIK.

Based on his extensive experience, he realized that shoppers have more shopping channel options other than marketplaces, such as the brands’ e-commerce sites, social media, or even chat applications. However, at the same time, shoppers and D2C brands face some constraints. There are inherent checkout frictions and shopping experience has been fragmented across e-commerce. As a result, shoppers prefer to buy products in the marketplaces, especially with the cashback or promotions offered.

Succeeding in D2C serves a wealth of benefits for brands, such as the ability to command complete control over consumer data, brand loyalty, and platform fees. Therefore, FLIK is well-positioned to create a compounding network benefit for the D2C ecosystem by empowering shoppers, brands, and content creators.

FLIK’s solution creates an endless mutually beneficial loop for the D2C ecosystem. When the users join FLIK network, either as a brand, shopper, or content creator, the users will both benefit and contribute to the D2C network. The more brands that join FLIK, the more shoppers join the network. In return, FLIK’s massive shoppers’ network will fuel more conversions during checkout, attracting more brands and content creators to join.

FLIK is looking to embed itself into all aspects of the consumer shopping journey, from product discovery, price comparison, express checkout with rewards, and post-purchase services such as processing refunds and returns for shoppers. Additionally, shoppers can track all details of their online transactions, such as payments and shipping status directly through one application. 

Moreover, FLIK also opens up a new way of monetization for content creators by having branded content that can enable viewers to checkout natively without any redirections, converting the viewers into shoppers.

“We welcome FLIK into East Ventures’ family. We believe the unified checkout solution offered by FLIK is the right solution to eliminating sales and payment friction, enabling the empowerment of shoppers, brands, and content creators in one go. With the promising digital economy in Indonesia and the region, we are excited to see more adoption and growth from FLIK in this near future,” said Avina Sugiarto, Partner at East Ventures.