East Ventures planted 1,250 mangroves at Semarang Mangrove Center, Semarang
East Ventures


15 November 2023

Press Release

East Ventures’ sustainability action: planted 1,250 mangroves in Central Java, Indonesia

East Ventures, a pioneering and leading venture capital firm in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, announced its latest environmental initiative: Planting 1,250 mangrove trees in the coastal regions of Central Java, located exactly at Semarang Mangrove Center, Semarang. 

Mangroves are crucial in maintaining coastal ecosystems, providing habitat for diverse marine life, and acting as a natural barrier against coastal erosion. Recognizing the importance of environmental conservation, East Ventures initiated this mangrove planting project as part of its commitment to sustainability. Semarang has been selected for the mangrove planting this time owing to its abundant coastal areas. East Ventures is pleased to play a role in preserving the beauty of Semarang’s beaches by supporting the conservation of mangrove forests.

The firm incorporated this sustainable action into its recent initiative of F2DT BAG 22 (Founders 2-Day Trip Bag 22 liters), which has successfully brought together 250 people to contribute to this action. The F2DT BAG 22 is a practical 22-liter backpack exclusively designed by East Ventures for high-mobility Founders who frequently embark on a 2-day trip. Designed with both style and functionality in mind, the F2DT BAG 22 provides spacious compartments to accommodate all essentials, ensuring the user has everything they need while on the move. 

East Ventures planted five mangrove trees for every purchase of F2DT BAG 22; where each mangrove tree effectively absorbs 8 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent (kgCO₂e). This initiative resulted in a total carbon sequestered of 10,000 kgCO₂e.

Through this project, East Ventures also engaged with local businesses and communities to further amplify the importance of the sustainable mindset. East Ventures hopes this mangrove planting initiative can contribute to developing the local economy based on mangrove ecotourism and providing raw materials for batik, coffee, and snacks from mangroves.

“We are always excited to take tangible action towards environmental conservation. Creating positive impacts has always been part of our DNA, and we are delighted to be able to share this vision with the public through our F2DT BAG 22 project. We just planted 1,250 mangroves in Central Java. This initiative exemplifies our dedication to involving various stakeholders: enhancing our internal team’s capabilities, collaborating with local SMEs to produce sustainable goods, and partnering with local communities to amplify our impact. We appreciate every party involved in this project, especially those who have made tangible actions through the purchase. We look forward to continuing the collaborative efforts and working hand-in-hand with all stakeholders to drive a more inclusive and sustainable future,” said Pheseline Felim, Head of Media and Marketing at East Ventures.

East Ventures will regularly monitor and ensure the mangroves planted can grow and develop well. The monitoring will be carried out regularly for at least the next 3 years. The public can participate in monitoring the mangrove growth regularly via east.vc/f2dt.

Previously, on the annual commemoration of World Mangrove Day on 26 July 2023, East Ventures also planted 5,000 mangrove seedings at National Komodo Park, Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara. The mangrove seedlings were planted on Papagarang Island and other coastal areas, such as Loh Sebita and Keronton.