Winston & William Utomo, CEO & COO of IDN Media
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23 June 2023

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Investing in people, the secret in building a media company that lasts forever

Establishing a company that prioritizes investing in people has become a crucial decision in addressing challenges in the modern era.

Amidst technological advancements and intense business competition, a company that fosters strong relationships with its human resources and nurtures their potential possesses a significant competitive advantage. Human resources with exceptional aptitudes and attitudes can deliver their best performances, thereby contributing to the company’s long-term sustainability.

Winston Utomo and William Utomo, CEO and COO of IDN Media respectively, have demonstrated that their commitment to investing in people, since the establishment of IDN Media in 2014, laid the foundation for the company’s resilience during various crises, including the pandemic and economic downturns.

Numerous strategies are employed to build a people-centric company, one of which involves creating an inspiring workplace that motivates employees. Winston Utomo emphasizes that creating such an environment should start with oneself.

“As individuals, we are each leaders in our own right. Therefore, inspiring others must begin with inspiring ourselves,” Winston stated in a statement.

He not only speaks empty words but also implements this philosophy in his daily activities at the IDN Media headquarters in Menara Global, Gatot Subroto, Jakarta. He consistently arrives on time for work, considering it an integral part of workplace integrity and respect for the time of his colleagues who collaborate with him.

Inspirational leadership is also instilled in all leaders at IDN Media. Winston explains that fostering strong leadership within the organization is essential to establish clear and purposeful directions. To cultivate inspiring leadership, various strategies are employed, including fostering collaboration among leaders through weekly meetings and leadership training sessions.

Furthermore, IDN Media is committed to providing equal opportunities for both men and women in the workplace. William highlights the fact that women have proven their expertise in serving strategic roles, evident by the current composition of female leaders at IDN Media, which stands at 60.9%. This higher representation of women in leadership positions reflects IDN Media’s dedication to empowering women in the workplace.

Moreover, IDN Media believes that building a people-centric company involves all levels of employees. Winston emphasizes, “People come first. Without ‘Timmy,’ there is no IDN Media,” referring to the nickname for IDN Media employees.

To accommodate and maximize Timmy’s potential, IDN Media conducts regular training sessions tailored to their needs. These workshops cover various topics, such as mobile journalism for IDN Media publishers, public speaking skills, and management training for first-time managers. Additionally, IDN Media provides opportunities for Timmy to receive promotions and job rotations within the company’s ecosystem, aiming to develop their skills and potential in tandem with IDN Media’s growth.

Apart from regular training, fostering a positive and appreciative work environment plays a significant role in employees’ personal development. A workplace that promotes positivity and appreciation can enhance employees’ productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction. At IDN Media, an open culture is cultivated, encouraging fresh ideas from the predominantly millennial and Gen Z workforce.

To further promote a positive and appreciative workplace, IDN Media implements an inclusive and collaborative work culture. The company has established three core values, namely integrity, inclusion, and growth, which are then translated into ten guiding principles called “Timmyness Principles.” These principles are embraced by all employees, and high achievers are rewarded with the title of “Timmy of the Month.”

Apart from honing their skills and mindset, IDN Media also prioritizes building trust between employees and the company. In addition to interpersonal relationships, IDN Media believes in fostering reciprocal industrial relations between the company and its employees.

In the present day, employees strive for a healthy work-life balance. Recognizing the benefits of achieving such balance for both employees and the company, IDN Media has implemented a hybrid working arrangement since the pandemic and continues to do so.

“During the implementation of the hybrid working arrangement at IDN Media, we observed numerous benefits for our employees, such as the ability to manage schedules while collaborating with colleagues and engaging in focused work,” Winston explain.

“Moreover, for employees who are married, this arrangement allows them to work while being closer to their families,” he added.

The original article was published on, 10 June 2023.