Prestige Indonesia 40 Under 40
East Ventures


8 September 2023

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East Ventures’ four founders listed in The Prestige 40 Under 40 List for 2023

Prestige Indonesia’s 40 Under 40 lineups have consistently showcased exceptional talent, ingenuity, and determination, and this year founders from East Ventures have made the list. From tech entrepreneurs to environmental advocates and burgeoning fashionistas, these individuals encapsulate the drive and diversity that are shifting paradigms within and beyond their chosen fields.

This year has been extraordinary for myriad reasons, one being the focus on sustainability. Here are four East Ventures Family founders who made the exceptional list:

Moses Lo, Founder and CEO of Xendit

Moses Lo

In the burgeoning landscape of Southeast Asian Finance, one name stands out: the founder and CEO of Xendit, an innovative payments infrastructure helping merchants across the region flex their financial muscles.

“Building a B2B business at scale with a team I adore has been a career highlight,” says Moses Lo. 

Moses envisions a highly educated, diversified economy spearheaded by conscientious leaders for Indonesia and the world. His ultimate goal? To craft an organization impacting millions positively and a culture where people can learn rapidly and launch their world-changing ventures. Success for Moses means receiving gratitude-filled messages from customers enriched through Xendit.

Raditya Wibowo, Co-founder of MAKA Motors

From Palembang to Colorado, Raditya or Dito, had a transient childhood characterized by culture shifts that taught him adaptability. The bustling lanes of Bandung saw him foster independence, seal an enduring friendship with Arief, and fuel their shared engineering passion. The co-founders of MAKA Motors are revolutionizing Indonesia’s motorcycle landscape with cutting-edge electric models.

Challenges, like the cultural shocks of his youth, only fortified his resolve, leading him to redefine success. To him, it’s not about global accolades but personal contentment, cherishing relationships, and understanding that happiness is a choice.

With a game-changing product launch looming and a vision for an all-encompassing domestic electric ecosystem, Dito aims to transform Indonesia’s roads and the mindset towards electric mobility. His narrative is a beacon of innovation, resilience, and relentless pursuit of ambition.

Yaumi Fauziah, Co-founder and CEO of BASE

Yaumi Fauzia

Growing up on the remote island of Selayar in South Sulawesi, Yaumi Fauziah Sugiharta has always felt a strong connection to the environment. This personal value eventually led her to a purpose: building a 100% vegan beauty brand. Meet BASE, a pioneering, local vegan and sustainable beauty brand in Indonesia, where Yaumi holds the position of Co-Founder and CEO.

Recognition from the beauty industry validating BASE’s commitment to sustainability and ethics has been gratifying. For Yaumi, overcoming obstacles and embracing learning moments have been pivotal in her journey. Each experience, regardless of scale, has shaped her journey. Guided by clear objectives, she adeptly allocates her time and energy, navigating competing demands as both a professional and a mother.

In the grand scheme of things, we see BASE as a catalyst for transforming how beauty brands approach sustainability. As we look ahead, we’re excited to continue fostering a culture where beauty choices intertwine seamlessly with values, driving the beauty industry toward a more sustainable future,” says Yaumi.

James Rijanto, CEO and Co-founder of Pasarnow

James Rijanto

Navigating the dynamics of Indonesia’s food supply chain, James Rijanto, CEO and Co-founder of Pasarnow, emerges as an innovator in agritech. Established in 2020, Pasarnow’s innovative platform connects a vast array of businesses – from local restaurants to supermarket chains – directly to the heart of the nation’s agriculture: the farmers.

The secret to James’ vision is a resilient team and an ingrained culture of constant learning. This adaptability propels Pasarnow into its ambitious future ventures: integrating AI solutions to enhance efficiency and the experimental push into smart farming via IoT.

James’ aspirations for Pasarnow intertwine with his hopes for Indonesia: a more prosperous and tolerant nation where each individual has the opportunity to flourish. As he furthers food security and distribution through his enterprise, he dreams of a peaceful world and a collaborative resolution of global conflicts.

A voracious learner, James harnesses knowledge from a myriad of sources – from YouTube insights to enlightening book excerpts. His mantra? Knowledge broadens horizons and reveals hidden opportunities.

Congrats to all of the founders listed!

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