Kevin Zhang, Founder & CEO of Inteluck
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28 October, 2022

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Dare to dream: Kevin Zhang, founder and CEO of Inteluck

Kevin Zhang, 28, is the founder and CEO of data-driven logistics startup Inteluck. Headquartered in Singapore—with offices in the Philippines, Thailand and China—the startup allows its enterprise customers to book delivery trucks and track them on its digital platform. It also offers other services including warehousing and storage.

Zhang was inspired to start Inteluck after noticing the hefty prices paid by enterprises for logistics solutions. He wanted to provide a more efficient and cheaper solution while at the same time enable small and medium enterprises logistics providers to make a better living.

“I believe the biggest difference that sets us apart from other logistics providers, is the data technology,” says Zhang as he sat down for an interview at an OSIM store in Singapore, which sponsored the Dare to Dream series.

“While we are providing logistics services to our customers, we’re also analyzing minutes of logistics data for them to optimize the best logistics solution,” he adds.

Launched in 2014, Inteluck now serves over 250 enterprises in the region. In January, it raised US$15 million in a Series B funding from investors including East Ventures and Creo Capital. The startup aims to use the latest funding to expand into Vietnam and Indonesia.

However, like many logistics businesses around the world, Inteluck’s operations were impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. “Most of our team were scared and most of our customers closed operations as well,” says Zhang.

For him personally, stress has affected his ability to sleep. “I remember during the most stressful days I lost my sleep for almost half of the year,” he says.

During the early stages of starting a company, Zhang believes that you have to ‘give all your time’ to get it off the ground. However, he thinks more self-care is needed to sustain the company as it grows. “You have to pay attention and dedicate your time to your own well-being.”


Full article on Forbes, 27 October 2022