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McEasy, smart logistics tracking and management startup, secured US$ 1.5 million of seed funding from East Ventures

September 14, 2021

McEasy, a startup providing SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) digital solutions for logistics vehicle management and tracking, announced an US$ 1.5 million (approximately IDR 22 billion) seed funding round from East Ventures earlier today. This fresh capital will be used for two main purposes, namely strengthening McEasy’s research and development division to build world-class logistics technology, and escalating the marketing and sales division to reach more enterprise players in the logistics and supply chain industry in Indonesia.

“Since 2019, we are focused on being the digitalization catalyst in the logistics and supply chain industry. Smart tracking systems are not new in the automotive and industrial world, but we know how to integrate these existing tools and hardwares into our platform very well to be the perfect solution to any problem in the market. With the current business plan on the table, we believe that the new funds will drive the company’s growth exponentially,” said Raymond Sutjiono, Co-Founder of McEasy.

McEasy offers three main solutions: Vehicle Smart Management System (VSMS), Transportation Management System (TMS), and Smart Driver Apps. The VSMS is a smart tracker digital solution that serves to assist logistics operations and real-time tracking of vehicle locations. Meanwhile, TMS is a Software-as-a-Service that companies can use to plan, implement, monitor, and optimize logistics processes with a smooth integration, enabling the entire process to become more efficient. All these are connected with the Smart Driver Apps platform. With all these, McEasy’s customers can easily track the vehicle’s position and all operational costs transparently, without the hassle of manual checking.

Both solutions can be used by any logistics business player, ranging from manufacturing & distribution companies, to large brand companies that already have their own fleet or are integrated with logistics service providers. McEasy uses a subscription-based business model and provides solutions that can solve problems for business in any scale, such as 3PL, 4PL, distributor or brand company. To date, the areas covered by McEasy’s digital solutions include Java, Bali, Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi.

The pandemic that has been going on for approximately 1.5 years has contributed to the growth of McEasy’s business. Thanks to the digital transformation in the logistics sector, the number of company’s customers has grown 10 times. Its customer portfolio covers various industries and business sizes in Indonesia, such as MGM Bosco in the cold-chain sector, Rosalia Indah Group in the public transportation sector, as well as RPX and FeDex Indonesia in the last-mile logistics.

“McEasy’s main advantage is that we provide consulting and solutions for each customer’s needs. Unlike other software players, we typically explore the client’s main problems, then explain how to use the elements on our platform to solve that problem specifically. For example, when logistics company A has X problem, we will come up with the best configuration of our platform and guide the client on how to use it as a solution. Scalability-wise, this business concept is much more sustainable, since we can continue to add features to the platform without having to produce different software every time,” added Hendrik Ekowaluyo, Co-Founder of McEasy.

McEasy was founded by Raymond Sutjiono and Hendrik Ekowaluyo, who have been best friends since studying Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University, USA. As veterans with years of experience working at Ford, both have expertise in automotive engineering, where Hendrik is expert at structural design and program management in cars, and Raymond focuses more on engine electronics, system control, and data-handling.

Raymond and Hendrik took the pivot of making McEasy a digital company for B2B logistics and transportation around 2018, because both have experience managing B2B businesses. The logistics sector was chosen because of its very promising potential and growth during the pandemic. According to Indonesia’s Logistics and Forwarder Association, as cited in East Ventures Digital Competitiveness Index (EV-DCI) 2021, the nation’s logistics industry’s business growth potential is estimated around IDR40 trillion (US$2.8 billion) every year. Moreover, according to Redseer, the Industry also experienced a 100% growth rate during the pandemic.

“Today, implementation of technology that drives customer satisfaction and increased efficiency in asset management are key to winning competition in the logistics industry. McEasy has delivered right-fit products and solutions that are tailored to Indonesian industry players, so they can take advantage of growing market opportunity during and post pandemic. We are happy to welcome Raymond and Hendrik to East Ventures’ ecosystem,” said Melisa Irene, Partner of East Ventures.

In the 4th quarter of 2021, McEasy targets to increase the total number of vehicles integrated within the system to twice as much, and help digitize the transportation system for the company’s loyal customers. Further in 2022, McEasy aims to achieve growth of at least 4x from 2021, and convert more business players into customers. The ultimate goal for the company is to create an integrated ecosystem where all the stakeholders can optimize logistics and supply chain processes easily with McEasy’s platform.