Jojonomic amplifies enterprises’ efficiency through digitizing manual processes

October 5, 2021

Indrasto Budisantoso, CEO and Co-Founder of Jojonomic, believes that an exceptional startup founder is one who recalls and transforms pain points occurring in the society into an all around platform that caters to solving matters of a specific field. Having spent a good portion of his career as a management consultant at an international firm that required him to travel extensively and often, Indrasto found himself drowning in the tedious and repetitive process of having to do reimbursements manually. Even after his stint as a country head for a US-based digital company, he was still pestered by piles of reimbursement forms patiently waiting for his approvals.

Wise men say that doing one small step can change your life, so Indrasto set off to build Indonesia’s first mobile expense reimbursement solution, Jojonomic. The fact that reimbursements are simple in nature yet time-consuming combined with the country’s accelerated technology adoption through smartphones paved the way for the birth of Jojonomic’s first feature, JojoExpense. Providing software as a service (SaaS) focusing on B2B means more pain points to address. Not limited to reimbursement solutions, some notable functions of Jojonomic include JojoTimes (employee’s attendance tracker) and JojoPayroll (a feature that makes arduous payroll processes a breeze).

Ultimately, Jojonomic is aiming to solve longtime problems revolving around the corporate scene and contribute to bettering the digital economy through digitizing manual processes when running a business. This goal supports and is in tune with a point in the East Ventures Digital Competitiveness Index (EV-DCI) 2021, where digital infrastructure and the use of information and communications technology (ICT) are two fundamental pillars propelling Indonesia’s digital economy to the next level.

Officeless Operating System, one platform to rule them all

Innovations are the ace card to making a business skyrocket. Knowing this all too well, Jojonomic recently brought to life one platform to rule them all called the Officeless Operating System (OOS). The backstory of how this application suite was created originated from Indrasto’s child’s adoration for Roblox, an online game platform where users are allowed to program their own games.

OOS is a one-stop solution for every enterprise’s manual inefficiencies which lets people change business flow and processes according to their respective needs. Similar to assembling Lego blocks, companies can construct their own “playground” by selecting individual modules and microservice based on their necessities and what problems they are looking to digitize, be it retrieving data, photos or reports. This platform cannot come at a better time, because if a company is aiming to handle multiple problems at once, they do not have to build separate applications or custom softwares for each and every problem.

OOS partially explains why Jojonomic’s main clients are mid to large enterprises. All this time, the challenges of catering to large enterprises’ needs lie in how fast and often alterations are made to their business processes, making startups and digital companies quiver in self doubt and uncertainties on whether or not they can deliver the best results. However, with OOS, every predicament is made easy to sort through due to the component-by-component option.

“We believe that finding solutions does not equal long hours of coding. Although not having to spend a long time coding is a benefit, it is not the most important added value. The main objective is to emphasize the simplification of business processes. As with telecommunications and digital software companies, I truly think what really matters is if the application provides solutions to longstanding problems,” detailed Indrasto.

Spreading their wings and embracing developing non-metro areas

Most of Jojonomic’s clients are concentrated in DKI Jakarta, followed by several major provinces of Java: West Java, East Java and Central Java. This does not come as a surprise, because as echoed in the EV-DCI report, 8 out 10 cities with the best digital competitiveness are situated in Java. However, apart from Java, Jojonomic has a considerable number of users in North Sumatra and South Sulawesi. This fact is in accordance with what is stated in the EV-DCI, as Makassar (10th position), the capital of South Sulawesi, is the only city in Sulawesi that makes it into the top 10 regarding digital competitiveness. On the other hand, Medan is the city in North Sumatra with the highest competitiveness score. Despite the extensive user concentration in Java, Jojonomic has been expanding and extending their helping hands to clients in Aceh, Kalimantan (plantation companies), Sulawesi and Papua, signifying that the company has set their eyes on making user distributions more even from the country’s eastern regions to the western ones.

An even more intriguing point in relation to the EV-DCI data is the fact that Banda Aceh, where one of the clients is located, has become the second highest city when it comes to the utilization of ICT. Even though one of the main challenges Jojonomic faces in expanding their services outside metro areas has been the limitations of infrastructure and Internet connection as well as old habits that are hard to change and, this small finding showcases the hope that cities and regions outside Java are heading towards the right direction.

Besides mid to large enterprises, one defining characteristic of Jojonomic’s users is companies whose employees have high mobility. A fitting illustration of this would be a client in a remote area who enlisted Jojonomic’s OOS services to track the activities and distributions of volunteers.

David Fernando Audy, Operating Partner of East Ventures, stated, “Jojonomic provides a smart and productive office workflow solution, enabling online collaboration, automation, monitoring, and management to achieve better and more effective business processes.. Such solutions are essential for business online transformation and especially for remote working processes. The role of Jojonomic is certainly crucial in increasing EV-DCI Index of every province where Jojonomic helps enterprises with their online process transformation.”

A pandemic that wreaks havoc but builds and the roads ahead

For Jojonomic, not only does the pandemic propel businesses to go digital and stay afloat, it also signifies opportunities to embrace more parties to witness the wonder of business process digitizations. As remote working becomes the preferred method of day-to-day operation, more and more people are realizing how helpful OOS is in assisting them to distribute information and retrieve important data. To date, Jojonomic has grown 3 times in terms of monthly revenue compared to March 2020 when the pandemic started ravaging businesses.

One heartwarming story comes from a plantation in Kalimantan, where Jojonomic really proved their prowess in turning setbacks into comebacks by annihilating inefficient practices such as manual reporting and the lack of transparency leading to fraud. Indrasto is of the opinion that improvement in SaaS can enable the deployment of the digital system without having to squander massive upfront investment, thus making digital systems accessible to all businesses in Indonesia.

“Jojonomic’s tagline is ‘the future of work’, which means employees are a major, if not the most important part of a corporation. Seeing them happy showers me with the utmost joy,” concluded Indrasto.