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Traveloka Introduces Home Protection Insurance for Eid

25 May 2019

Traveloka, the Indonesian travel unicorn, has launched a new home protection insurance scheme for Eid, or the close of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

This is a time when many Indonesians visit their hometowns, thus leaving their houses empty and susceptible to criminal activity.

“During Ramadan and Eid, many families leave their homes to visit relatives for a relatively long time,” said Yady Guitana, Traveloka’s head of global partnerships. “With Traveloka’s first home protection insurance product, we hope to alleviate our users’ worries and anxiety.”

The insurance scheme, which can be purchased through the Traveloka app, insures homes from incidents like fire or burglary for a 30-day period, starting from the user’s departure date. There are two coverage options: 20 million rupiah (about US$1,380, at a payment of US$1 per person) and 50 million rupiah (about US$3,450, at a payment of US$2.40 per person).

According to a survey by national newspaper Kompas, at least 8 million people in Greater Jakarta left to visit their hometowns during Eid last year.

Data from the Jakarta Police also shows that around Ramadan last year, the amount of criminal activity rose by about 19%.

Founded in 2012, Traveloka’s business comprises flight bookings, accommodations, and travel experiences. The company, which bagged US$420 million in funding last month, recently announced a 30% rise in flight bookings for Q1 2019.

Headquartered in Jakarta, the company has expanded into seven other countries outside of Indonesia, including India and Australia.

Source: Tech in Asia