Italo Gani, Venture partner of East Ventures

East Ventures welcomes Italo Gani as its new Venture Partner to accelerate digital ecosystem growth

June 29, 2021

East Ventures, a pioneering sector-agnostic venture capital firm that has supported over 190 companies in Southeast Asia, is pleased to announce Italo Gani as a Venture Partner at the firm.

Willson Cuaca, Co-founder and Managing Partner at East Ventures, is thrilled to welcome Italo Gani to East Ventures.

“Italo has been in the community since the genesis of Indonesia’s startup ecosystem, we know him well. His knowledge and experiences will help the next generation of founders to avoid mistakes and pitfalls. We are happy that we can work closely with him going forward,” said Willson.

Italo is a startup veteran with more than 20 years of experience. He started his entrepreneurial career in 1998 and has developed many tech startups in Indonesia since then, such as ADSKOM, InboundID, and many more. He is also involved in advising Nodeflux, a deep learning tech startup from Jakarta. ADSKOM and Nodeflux were later invested by East Ventures. In 2019, he initiated, a collective startup builders platform. He serves as the managing partner at and has helped around 40 tech startups.

Despite extending his support in tech startups, Italo also has actively supported many government initiatives, including NextICorn (since 2017) and Startup Studio Indonesia (since 2020) by the Ministry of Communication and Information technology. Italo contributes in accelerating startup business scale by serving as the board of curators of Startup Studio Indonesia as well as founder and board member of NextICorn Foundation.

Italo brings expertise in managing tech startups and a vast network to realize his ambition to build Indonesia’s startup ecosystem to the East Ventures team.

“Ever since I knew Willson in 2009, he never wavered in his mission to build a startup ecosystem in Indonesia. That is a vision I strongly share with him and the East Ventures family. I am delighted to join East Ventures, together accelerating the commitment to contribute to the growth of Indonesia startup ecosystem,” said Italo.