The EV-DCI 2021 report found that the ownership of digital gadgets and access to internet in Indonesia arenow becoming more equally distributed.The score for Infrastructure and ICT Use are two of the highest in the EV-DCI 2021 report. This has led to increased accessibility and connectivity with various digital applications, including online travel applications.

As the travel industry slowly recovers amidst the pandemic, Traveloka’s business in Indonesia has returned to half of its pre-pandemic level. Traveloka has even started expansion with plans to launch a pay later service in Vietnam and Thailand.

As the government and players in the travel sector are promoting local destinations, content marketing has played a pivotal role into convincing public to travel again. invited Luna Maya to establish a content creation business unit Travel Secrets, which today has produced dozens of content that promote various local destinations.

“Traveloka is strategically adapting itself to the market conditions and changes in user behavior. Traveloka has presented several breakthroughs and developed our service while prioritizing the safety and health of our users and employees.”

Co-founder Traveloka
Albert Zhang

Travel has been one of the main sectors that was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. Airlines, hotels, tourist centers and travel agents experiencing a sharp decline in business. Traveloka, a startup focusing on ticket booking services, was affected severely but managed to rebound and become a far more efficient company. “Traveloka is strategically adapting itself to the market conditions and changes in user behavior,” said Albert Zhang, Traveloka’s co-founder. Albert explained the various breakthroughs Traveloka went throughto help his company rise from the crisis.

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