HealthTech startups have been facilitating the healthcare digital transformation by introducing new solutions to enhance the quality of healthcare services.

Lucrative investment opportunity

Due to the pandemic crisis, there is an increased awareness and urgency to reform the healthcare systems to create resiliency. Digital health market size in Indonesia is projected to grow rapidly.

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Healthcare reimagined

Indonesia’s digital health ecosystem poses promising potential as many players provide integrated services beyond telemedicine, but also other sectors, system improvement, and more.

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Nalagenetics has been actively contributing to the COVID-19 countermeasures by creating test-kits and collaborating with local NGO to launch COVID-19 related app, namely the COVID-19 Likelihood Meter 2.0., Riliv

Mental health tech startups like and Riliv provide online consultations with psychologists and therapists alike – this has not only helped break the stigma of mental health in the country, but also aid those who were impacted by the pandemic.

“By standardizing health data and creating several platforms, be it for medicine, vaccination, hospitals, labs, we hope these startups can grow creatively by using these platforms. My message for startups is to focus not only on the health technology information aspect but also on health biotechnology.”

Budi G. Sadikin

Minister of Health