Inteluck, technology-driven logistics platform in Southeast Asia, announced US$ 15 million series B funding

January 27, 2022

Inteluck, a Southeast Asian technology-driven logistics platform, said today that it has raised US$15 million in a Series B fundraising round. Creo Capital, a Hong Kong-based investment firm under New World Group, spearheaded the investment. East Ventures and Headline Asia are among the investors in this round. Favour Capital, a TMT boutique investment bank focused on China and Southeast Asia, served as the round’s exclusive financial advisor.

Inteluck delivers premier technology-driven logistics platform solutions that assist customers and supplier partners identify and generate value at both ends by maximizing logistics efficiency using technology, data, and analytics. Inteluck supports a variety of logistics platform services, including FTL (full truckload) transportation, warehouse management, freight forwarding, and other bespoke supply chain services, thanks to its solutions.

Inteluck, which was founded in 2014, now serves over 250 well-known companies in industries such as telecommunications, FMCG, manufacturing, e-commerce, express, and others. Inteluck can integrate and optimize resources based on technology empowerment and the substantial supplier partner network created in Southeast Asia over the last decade, lowering logistics costs and improving operational efficiency. It primarily addresses issues such as excessive logistical costs, poor service, and a lack of technological support for businesses. At the same time, it helps over 5,000 supplier partners alleviate cash flow pressure by boosting the number of orders they receive.

Inteluck has continued to strengthen its penetration of the $300 billion 3PL market, led by Kevin Zhang, the founder, who has extensive experience in logistics, supply chain, technology, and other cross-border business, and a core team with excellent functional experience from various international companies.

“Despite the fact that most businesses are hit by the epidemic and recruiting new consumers is more difficult, Inteluck has been able to increase revenues by 512 percent in the last three years. This is thanks to our team’s tireless efforts to serve customers with high-quality services at all hours of the day and night. And we’re increasing value for both clients and vendors by using order reconstruction, dispatch optimization, dynamic pricing, and other technologies,” said Kevin Zhang, Inteluck’s Founder and CEO.

Headquartered in Singapore, Inteluck has expanded to the Philippines, Thailand and others. As it expands its footprint across Southeast Asia, the company anticipates tremendous growth in the next years.

“As the world grapples with unforeseen supply chain uncertainties and rapidly changing customer demands, Inteluck’s robust data-driven platform and vast network provides suppliers and enterprises a cost-effective way to optimize operations and reduce inefficiencies. Inteluck’s strong management team and solid product aligns well with Creo’s strategy of investing in transformative companies led by pioneering entrepreneurs. We believe Inteluck has the potential to become a leading logistics solution provider in Southeast Asia in the future,” said Christopher Cheng, Managing Partner of Creo Capital.

“We are excited to back Inteluck and be part of Kevin’s team in addressing logistics pain points. Inteluck’s technology- and data-driven platform helps both logistics and shipper companies to optimize entire supply chain in more efficient and transparent. We look forward to Inteluck’s next milestones,” said Willson Cuaca, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of East Ventures.

“We have followed Kevin from the very early days of Inteluck. Kevin’s team has grown despite the challenges of Covid and is now poised to become a major B2B logistics technology company that spans across SE Asia. We are excited to join the new round that will further accelerate the expansion,” said Akio Tanaka, Partner of Headline Asia.

“It is our great honor to work alongside Inteluck for this round of fundraise. We firmly believe that Inteluck can continue to leverage on their strong data and technological advantage to help shippers and trucking companies navigate through the ever-changing complexities and contribute to the strengthening of the infrastructure for the logistics sector in Southeast Asia,” said Eric Fang, Founding Partner of Favour Capital.