Bridestory Release 2018 Wedding Trend Forecast

3 January 2018

Brides-to-be get ready, as we’re about to uncover the wedding trend forecast for 2018! This year it is all about expressing yourself in an edgy, sophisticated way. Whatever kind of bride you are, you surely will find something that’s uniquely you in the bunch. Scroll right down to get started!

Generally speaking, a fairy-tale wedding concept is one that will be left behind. It’s a cliché start to months of preparation, nitpicking on details, and could be a waste of budget too. Find a wedding theme that’s really personalized to your character, instead of one that everyone uses.

In line with this, the doll makeup look and big puffy dresses are also on their way out as well. Dresses with extra-long trains might look glamorous for some, but let’s admit it; extra-long trains are heavy and inconvenient. Chances are, they are just extra work and even extra expense for the wedding day. As well with feathery dresses. With minimalist, modern gowns taking over the wedding world, feathery dresses just seem to have too much going on.

The elements shown on the video above might be from last year’s trend, but they are still highly loved by couples and could even still be trending during this year. Versatile themes like botanical, rustic and tropical will still be used for weddings in 2018. Blush and rose gold, which have become increasingly popular in the last months of 2017, will carry on strong to 2018, beautifying color palettes of this year’s weddings.

with plunging necklines and off-shoulder model. The 3D floral embellishment technique, which is known for creating an extra outstanding look for wedding dresses, would still be a major hit this year. That’s not all, other details like calligraphy, eco-friendly souvenirs, loose floral arrangements wedding dressesIn fashion, brides would still craze over simple and marble elements are also on the list of trends that are carrying over to 2018.

Trending for 2018

Now that we’ve seen what’s out and what’s staying, it’s time to find out what new trends are emerging for this year’s weddings. It’s true that you shouldn’t just copy the trends and apply them blindly, but the video below can be a useful guide for you to create a one-of-a-kind celebration. Find trends you like and add some personality to it, uniquely making it your own. This way, a bespoke and stunning wedding is definitely out of question.

The main trend for this year is definitely the stardust theme. Beautiful string lights, romantically lit decors, and muted palettes that complement each other is just a starter for this amazing wedding theme. Incorporating them to wedding celebrations make a beautiful, dreamy celebration that’s just out of this world. And as Pantone has officially announced Ultra Violet as Color of The Year, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it gracing this year’s weddings as well.

As big puffy dresses are slowly being whisked away, there’s now room for simpler, more minimalist dresses to show off. To complete your bridal look, nature-inspired headpieces, a modern veil, or a cape would be the perfect choice as it will make its mark on this year’s weddings as well. With a flawless touch of fresh-looking natural makeup, you’re all set to step into your dream wedding.

There you have it, what’s out and what’s in for 2018 wedding trend. Which of the trends above is your favorite? Tell us in the comment sections below and start adding photos to your inspiration board to start your wedding planning process right away!

Source: Bridestory