Warung Pintar Partners with GO-PAY to Launch First Cashless Payment

1 August 2018

Jakarta, 1 August 2018 – Warung Pintar, a retail startup that combines traditional kiosks with modern retail technology, today announced that cashless payment service is now available in all Warung Pintar throughout Jabodetabek. As of July 2018, Warung Pintar has more than 313 kiosks – up 156,69% from the previous month – and managed by more than 500 micro-entrepreneurs.

Since its first inception in November 2017, Warung Pintar continues to strive in improving the quality of SME in Jakarta and encourage technology inclusion for the grassroots. This mission is carried through several programs, ranging from implementing the latest technology in the kiosk to educating business strategy to warung partners.

With the same spirit, Warung Pintar adopts the cashless payment system and implement it to all its kiosks. COO Warung Pintar Harya Putra explained that the system has been long-awaited by both Warung owners and customers.

“From our internal research, we found 72% of warung customers want this service to be available in the kiosk and we ourselves have seen the many benefits of this system. For both kiosk owners and customers, the system can increase efficiency as it cuts down the time of people paying in cash and waiting for change. It also allows them to track all transactions digitally, quickly and safely as cash has long been the target of theft. We believe this step will strengthen the role of Warung Pintar in providing opportunities for the grassroots and enrich our customer experience in shopping at warung,” said Harya.

Agung Bezharie, CEO of Warung Pintar, said, “We are quite surprised to see the huge awareness of the grassroots towards the benefits of a cashless payment system. The technology that we once thought would be difficult for them to adopt, turns out to be very strong and popular. In line with our campaign mission called “Tumbuh Bareng Warung” (Grow up with Warung), we hope that through this initiative, we can inspire and enhance the enthusiasm of people to shop efficiently and hassle-free at Warung Pintar, as well to improve the economic welfare of our warung partners.”

Collaboration with GO-PAY as the initial partner

To start this initiative, Warung Pintar collaborates with GO-PAY to launch the cashless payment option, making them the first e-money partner of Warung Pintar. Today, all Warung Pintar has a QR code that can be scanned by GO-PAY users to pay for their purchase at Warung Pintar.

“We believe there is a huge opportunity for all digital payment players to help local commerce. This collaboration with GoJek is the first step to support the creation of a more productive Warung ecosystem and we are excited to have GO-PAY for our first strategic partnership”, said Harya.

Furthermore, Budi Gandasoebrata – Managing Director of GO-PAY welcomed the collaboration with Warung Pintar. GO-PAY believes this partnership can help warung owners to record transactions and manage their bookkeeping. “This cooperation is in line with our mission to help GO-PAY users in transacting while helping SME entrepreneurs to manage their finances. As one of the leading e-money in Indonesia, part of GO-JEK ecosystem, we want to help SMEs take the first step so they can access formal financial services and become more established and prosperous”, Budi said. He hopes that the strong collaborations between technology companies like Warung Pintar and GO-PAY can reach a wider range of people who have not accessed banking services yet (unbanked communities).


About Warung Pintar

Warung Pintar is a prefabricated kiosk with technology integration for Indonesian mom and pop shop. It aims to enable digitalization on a grassroots level so that Indonesia’s mass population may receive access to economic inclusion and social security. Warung Pintar looks to open new windows of opportunity for behavior analysis, community engagement, and impact monitoring. http://www.warungpintar.co/