3 Automotive Startups That Want to Cut Inefficiencies in Buying and Maintaining Vehicles

26 April 2019

Southeast Asia is a lucrative region for automotive industry, given its large population size and all countries except Singapore being developing countries. With most countries having unequal infrastructure development, public transportation too, is much lacking. The region is seeing high ownership of personal vehicle for both cars and motorcycles.

Indonesia is top country with the highest percentage of motorcycle users. Between 2002 to 2010, the usage of motorcycle for commuting in Indonesia has doubled from around 20% to 40%.

However, the process of purchasing a new vehicle is still much inefficient given the need to interact with dealership and financing companies. After sales procedures for vehicle too, is very reliant on commuting to the nearest workshops.

East Ventures has seen opportunity to create value through technology in this industry  and invested 3 startups since 2017.


Mobilkamu is an online new car dealership, that can help you to get the best price for your dream car. It works closely with new car showrooms throughout Jakarta to ensure that its customers are provided with the best solution to their needs when buying their dream car. It combines these relationships and years of sales experience with our own revolutionary technology, to ensure the car buying experience is as efficient as possible for our customers. In 2018, it has risen to become a relevant player in Jakarta’s enormous new car market, managing to sell and deliver over 150 vehicles from many different brands per month to its customers’ door with their custom towing fleet. It also has established partnerships with over 80 car dealers across Jabodetabek, as well as a diverse range of financial partners.

On March 2019, Mobilkamu has secured Series A investment, that will help to achieve its goal of becoming the top-of-mind new car buying platform for Indonesians by increasing its reach and improving all of its products and technologies.


Moladin is an online platform to purchase new motorcycle. Moladin aims to make life easier for motorcycle users in Indonesia by providing a platform which organizes the fragmented information in the motorcycle industry, bringing the traditional offline industry online. At Moladin, they are passionate about connecting the whole motorcycle industry and building an ecosystem which serves the needs of our motorcycle users.

In July 2018, Moladin has secured funding to help its team expansion and growth across other regions in Indonesia.


Montir is an internet company that provides on-demand platform for automotive care. It is a place where customers can order car services, repairs and detailing and get them delivered to their homes. It strives to be the number one auto-service platform in Indonesia by providing solutions for all automotive needs.

East Ventures invested in July 2018,  to accelerate Montir’s mission to become the top one-stop solution for automotive servicing needs.