5 East Ventures-backed Advertising Technology (Ad Tech) Startups That Will Make Better Use of Your Advertising Budgets

19 April 2019

Advertising is the key medium for brands to interact and engage with consumers. In the digital era, advertising sector also faced a massive change, given the way we consume content.

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In the past, advertisers have limited choices on billboards, television, radio, magazine, newspaper, or through flyers distribution. That conventional advertising media still exists right now, but companies and brands started to move some of their inventories to digital advertisement.

This phenomenon became the starting point of Advertising Technology (Adtech). It became the umbrella term for software and tools that can help companies, brands, and even agencies to target, deliver, and analyze their digital advertising efforts. Different with conventional advertising, methodologies that is implemented by Adtech can deliver the right content at the right time to the right audiences, so there’s less wasteful spending. Thus, the advertisers can make better use of their advertising budgets.

East Ventures’ appetite to invest in Adtech has started in 2014, and we now have 5 Adtech startups in our portfolio.


StickEarn is a crowdsourced advertising platform that allows the advertiser to design, manage and measure an advertising campaign with vehicle owners. Utilizing a two-sided marketplace concept, StickEarn enables drivers and vehicle owners to register and adjust how an ad should be placed on their vehicles, and even to select one’s own preferred brand or marketer to be promoted on their vehicle.

Through its proprietary technology, StickEarn provides types of performance and control data for advertisers. With this technology, advertisers are able to obtain different types of analytics on their placed ad, such as route tracking to engagement level. Advertisers can utilize these reports for the benefit of the product and their business.

Fundamentally, StickEarn is a startup for daily drivers and vehicle owners to convert their vehicle to an advertising medium and earn extra cash. StickEarn connects drivers and businesses to create impactful on-vehicle advertising. Currently, StickEarn vehicle ecompassess cars, motorcycle, bus, airplane, and angkot.


Flock is Indonesia’s fastest growing local creative agency. The core of the business are creating and transforming creative storytelling interactive content through various media channels.

Flock currently serves 40 clients and has won prestigious awards, such as “Agency of The Year” in Citra Pariwara 2018. They believe communication and interaction is the key to a strong brand relationship thus always evolve their existing offerings to best meet the client’s needs.


Adskom is an Advertising Technology company with dedicated mission to empower digital advertising industry with programmatic advertising platforms and insightful business services to deliver effective digital advertising solution.

It is built based on the challenges of today’s problems in digital advertising, where:

  • Publishers have problems in managing inventory, gaining meaningful insight from data analytics, and increasing their revenue.
  • Ad-buyers have problems in managing budget and increasing ROI.
  • Consumers have problems in seeing a lot of irrelevant ads.

It creates a platform to overcome these problems with programmatic advertising technology. The goal of programmatic advertising is to use technology to automate the buying and selling of ads. This will help Ad-buyers to reach their audience through media more efficiently and effectively and help the publishers to increase revenue.


Adgo is an intelligent platform for managing and optimizing campaigns across multiple channels. It bridges brand and performance marketing by delivering personalized touch points to create a seamless experience.

Through Adgo, you can build campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, connect them to design your customer journeys, and then choose a suite of intelligent algorithms that autonomously manage and optimize your campaigns.


ReCharge Indonesia is an IoT company that provides an app-based affordable power bank rental in Indonesia. It provides Internet of Things (IoT) technology through a powerbank rental machines located in more than 300 strategic locations in Jabodetabek; namely Pondok Indah Mall, Pacific Place, fX Sudirman, Mal Kelapa Gading, Kuningan City, Bintaro Jaya Xchange, Living World.

The advertising inventories are screen at its large rental machines, and as well as branding in each of the thousands of power bank devices distributed across all machines.