The EV-DCI 2021 report showed an improvement in terms of digital infrastructure, as reflected in the increase of median score to 54.29 (+7.54 point from the previous year). This shows that the nationwide ICT infrastructure has improved. This is particularly due to the increase of ratio of villages with access to 4G, which score doubled from the previous year.

4 priorities to accelerate National Digital Transformation in 2020-2024

  • Accelerating the development of digital infrastructure in collaboration with the industry by building backbone, middle-mile, and last-mile networks.

  • Developing and adopting digital technology: 5G technology and digitization of TV, development of a national data center, and national monitoring center for telecommunication services.

  • Developing digital talent.

  • Facilitating the licensing process for telco companies’ infrastructure deployment, providing legal certainty in digitizing national TV, and preparing the Personal Data Protection Bill.

In the information and communications sector, digital talent is crucial. Startups like Hacktiv8, which offers bootcamps for digital trainings and expertise, are experiencing high demand.

“After seeing the potential of the digital economy, we feel the urge to collaborate with other state owned enterprises. They need digitalization and we need expansion.”

Director of Digital Business
PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk
Muhammad Fajrin Rasyid

As the largest telecommunications company in Indonesia, PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk dominates the internet network in most parts of country, offering internet access to almost the entire population. However, going forward, the internet network business is forecasted to slow down. “We feel the need to collaborate with other SOEs,” said Muhammad Fajrin Rasyid, Digital Business Director of PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk, in a virtual interview with EV-DCI team. An engineering informatics graduate of ITB and Bukalapak’s co-founder, Muhammad Fajrin Rasyid explained Telkom’s future business strategies.

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