14 09, 2022

Digitalization is a new engine to boost the economy in Bali

2022-09-14T16:39:06+07:0014 September, 2022|EVDCI|

Famously named the "Island of Paradise," Bali has relied on tourism to back its economy for decades. The travel and tourism sector has become the source of most Balinese people's livelihood. Therefore, the pandemic has brought extreme struggles for the province with a 4.3 million total population that relied heavily on the tourism economy.

14 09, 2022

Reimagining Indonesia’s agriculture by strengthening the supply chain

2022-09-14T14:19:19+07:0014 September, 2022|Insights|

Indonesia is known as one the world’s major agricultural nations and some of the world’s largest producers and exporters of crops such as rubber, copra, palm kernels, palm oil, coffee, cocoa, and spices. However, Indonesia’s agriculture technology and productivity falls behind neighboring countries, something we believe that we can improve the industry by improving the supply chain.

13 09, 2022

UENA, a hyperlocal online F&B startup, raised Seed funding led by East Ventures

2022-09-13T00:19:59+07:0013 September, 2022|Press Release|

UENA, a hyperlocal online F&B startup based in Indonesia, has raised an undisclosed seed funding round led by East Ventures, with a strong participation from IDN Media and several angel investors. UENA was founded by Alvin Arief (Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer) and Roy Yohanes (Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer), who are seasoned F&B entrepreneurs with more than 10 years of experience.

7 09, 2022

Gokomodo, Indonesian agribusiness supply chain solution, announces US$ 26 million series A funding led by East Ventures

2022-09-06T22:05:21+07:007 September, 2022|Press Release|

Gokomodo, an Indonesian agriculture supply chain platform, announced a US$ 26 million series A funding round led by East Ventures. Other investors participating in the oversubscribed round are SMDV, Eight Capital, K3 Ventures, Triputra, Waresix, Indogen Capital, Sahabat Group, and Sampoerna Financial. This funding amount marked as one of the largest series A ticket sizes in Indonesia ever.

5 09, 2022

East Ventures-backed startups, Xurya, Nusantics, and Komunal, were crowned as Top Startup in the G20 Digital Innovation Network 2022

2022-09-05T14:17:56+07:005 September, 2022|Press Release|

East Ventures-backed portfolio companies: Xurya, Nusantics, and Komunal, have been crowned as the Top Startup in the G20 Digital Innovation Network 2022, held in Bali, Indonesia, from 2 - 4 September 2022. They represented Indonesia on this global stage as part of the G20 Presidency of Indonesia with a theme of "Recover Stronger, Recover Together".

1 09, 2022

From news platform to a complete media ecosystem, IDN Media’s dream of democratizing information

2022-09-01T16:14:19+07:001 September, 2022|EVDCI|

When Winston Utomo started his writing on a site called IDN Times, the article gained much attention from social media just a day after it was published. He realized that there was a fundamental shift in the young generation, which made him began his journey in building a media company. Together with his brother, William Utomo, the Surabaya-born brothers started the journey of IDN Media on 8th June 2014.